I treat myself after my exams and this time I got myself this YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick. I already have a lot of red lipsticks and lately I’ve been into pink lipsticks. Iactually wanted to get a nude shade this time but ended up with this one. It was a hard decision because I wanted to get #7 Lingerie Pink which I thought would work for me as an every day lipstick but really made me look pale when I tried it. So I went with #8 Fetish Pink and let me tell you something. I’m really addicted to this one. Not only because the packaging is so beautiful and elegant but the lipstick color itself has such a cute and beautiful shade. The Rouge Voluptè is long lasting and has such a creamy texture. You’ll only need one layer and it’s perfectly opaque. That means that you’ll only need a very small amount so they last for a long time – which is actually a good thing as they may the YSL products may be a little pricey for some people who don’t wear lipstick as often as I do. I might be a little late with this review and some of you may have read a lot of reviews already but I just felt like sharing my own experience with this lipstick on the blog. I already know that I’m totally getting myself some other colors. These are the colors that are on my current wishlist (seriously I want to have them all!): Forbidden Burgundy, Provocative Pink,Ultimate Beige and Rose Culte.


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