The girl behind ONEFAUXSEVEN

ONEFAUXSEVEN Fashion Blog Austria

Yasmeen is the 1,47m tall girl and the voice behind the blog ONEFAUXSEVEN.

Facing a lot of challenges to pursue her dream to once become a fashion journalist she created the website ONEFAUXSEVEN back in 2013 as her personal diary and shelter to face the rejection she has experienced following her dream.

Her journey took her to Berlin where she gained a lot of new experiences workwise and grew with them. Unforgettable ups and downs changed her mindset and also the goal she wants to achieve. Being back in her hometown Vienna now, she is relaunching the website ONEFAUXSEVEN for a new and fresh start sharing her passion.


ONE FAUX SEVEN  – [/wʌn/ ˈfoʊ/ ˈsɛv(ə)n/] – ONE “FOUR” SEVEN – 1,47m

When ONEFAUXSEVEN was founded in 2013 it had the purpose to provide a place to share thoughts and the passion of the content creator and inspire like-minded people. In addition to that, the new version of ONEFAUXSEVEN is a blog representing a fusion of fashion not only as the common definition of it, but also everything around it through the content creator’s eyes.

„Fashion is no longer what it used to be. It is the contemporary power of different human beings sharing their interests and bringing them down to a common denominator. It is the melting pot of every source of inspiration that we were all not able to see … until now.“

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Photo: Marie Louise Faderan