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“But you can’t…” – Well, however you want to continue this phrase just stop. Who say’s I can’t? I’m actually tired of hearing what we all can’t or shouldn’t do. Or what we are all supposed to do. Because these rules are mostly referring on the most unimportant things in life. Well, take a look of how I do things that I actually “can’t do” regarding to our society.




Says who? That’s where it all starts. I understand that I probably shouldn’t wear some pieces just because they wouldn’t be flattering at all. Or maybe just because some of think they would get an eye-infection by just looking at me wearing specific pieces. But who say’s i can’t? It starts with the fact that I am not counting to the group of girls that wear a small to medium size. Actually the last time I wore a medium was when I was – aaaand let’s just stop right there cause I can’t even remember. And it took me a while to accept that. In all honesty – I’m still not where I want to be when it comes to being all fine with my size and probably I’ll never be. But the thing is: I am trying to be confident and happy with all the layers of fat on me right now. Cause who’s to blame? No other than me cause I am a lazy piece of shit when it comes to working out. Cause I always find excuses that are good enough for me to tell myself that there’s no time for a workout. But I also blame society (just a bit) always trying to tell me what I should wear and what I can’t wear. Not only that I can call myself a person that belongs to the big-sized girls. I really hit the jackpot ’cause I am the smallest person you’ll ever meet – until you meet my grandma.




One of the things I probably should not wear is actually this long ass coat. But guess what. I just did it. And I am totally fine with how it looks like. Does it make me look smaller? Probably. Do I care? Actually … not at all. Why? Just because it was love at first sight when I saw this beautiful piece. The thing is that I’ve spent the past years holding back on what I like to wear. It took a while to get that confidence. I even noticed that when I just started at my new job. I went for basic outfits just because I was afraid of people judging me, until one day my co-worker and I had a little talk and I actually caught myself saying that I like to dress in a different way when I’m not at work. Guess what. Not all people judge. Some people celebrate the fact that you can express yourself in the way of dressing. I realized that I am tired of hiding what I want to express. And fashion should still be about expressing oneself right?



What? Shooting this outfit indoor just because it would be more authentic to take streetstyle shots? I know. I also thought so. And then again: Fuck it. Just pretty much as fashion is about expressing ourselves, same goes with blogging. It’s about us. About our creativity. About doing what we want to do right at the moment. About what we think is right at that very moment. And even if I didn’t think this was the right thing to do, it just felt right. Blogging is our way of expressing our inner thoughts and creativity even if it means that maybe two things collide. To be honest, it also would have made my life so much easier shooting this outfit outdoor but this was the only thing that I already knew before shooting this outfit.  So yeah, who says I can’t? And again: society.
Also I could have paired this oversized outfit with a tighter pair of pants. Exactly. Could have. Should have. Still, no thanks. Or maybe just a basic top instead of this shirt with a romantic touch it gets through its asymmetric ruffle-trim? Again. No thanks.




For me this shoot was just the perfect way to express what is going on right now. Something that I’m sure we all can relate. We are all staying in our comfortable room with one foot outside on the balcony longing for a bit of freedom. Looking out for new inspiration. For some of you this shit might sound a little bit to deep but this is exactly why I chose shooting this outfit by Diesel in the wonderful room of Motel One Vienna Staatsoper. There is a reason why I chose exactly this Hotel. The location and the design stand for luxury but still they make it possible for everyone to stay here because it is affordable enough for anyone without taking 6 different side jobs and double shifts. Further I thought that the current campaign of Diesel just fits perfectly in here. #MAKELOVENOTWALLS

This is exactly what I am trying to tell you with today’s blogpost. We should stop building these walls by saying what people should not do or can’t do. We should stop parting the world in whatever groups already exist. I always am and was a fan of a fusion of different people, especially when it comes to creative minds. The more creatives the bigger the surprise.  At the bottom you will see two completely different people in one photo. Technically speaking, some might say we are competitors. And they are damn right. But there is something that is called friendly competition. Exactly what we were going for ever since we’ve met each other. There are a bunch of people that should try doing this. It actually helps to create more motivation and reach goals 😉

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Photos: Bryan Dave Mendoza
Creative Directed by: Lance Mendoza
Special Thanks to: Motel One Vienna Staatsoper

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