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It’s actually the first time that I still have nothing planned for my summer. I usually am looking forward to travel and take a summer break. What I realized within the past weeks: I’m tired. And there are still no big vacation plans because I have to attend my summer courses at university. But I also realized that I am not functioning anymore. At least I can’t give a 100% even if I’d like to. That’s why I decided to take a break. At least for two or three days. Here in Austria.



I also realized that all I need is water around me. I even like to sit right at the danube and listen to some music. It’s just so calming and relaxing. For now I’d really like to take a beach vacation, but I will take what I can get: I will explore the beauty of Austria. And I will do what I would normally do when I’m taking a beach vacation. I saw this campaign of Esprit where slogans say ‘ #IMFREEDOM’ and ‘#IMCHANGE’. I liked it so much because it really defines what I look for in a vacation. A little bit of change. A little bit of freedom. So I thought why not show you my favorite summer outfits from Esprit today:

(C) Esprit

I guess I have a thing for blue shades at the moment. Maybe because I feel like I’m matching the ocean that I’m longing for ;P What are your plans this summer? Do you have any recommendations for places in Austria?

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