I’ve spent the weekend out of town and even if I only stayed for one night, I had the hardest time packing my bags. This time not because I didn’t know what to bring with me or what to leave at home, but because I was watching the game while I was packing. So I couldn’t really keep my eyes off my TV. Well, I really don’t have a problem when it comes to packing my things but that has to do with the fact that I’m really talented when it comes to overpacking. Flying to the Philippines almost every other year or visiting my friends and family in Vienna almost every weekend when I was still living in Berlin had its advantages. I got used to packing my suitcase within an hour and managed to organize myself a little bit. The biggest problem of packing for me: My beauty products. So I thought I show you how I managed to travel a little bit lighter.

OFS_Travel Beautybag-2I tend to bring all shades of lipsticks I own, all eye-palettes and everything for my morning and evening routine including the full size containers of my moisturizers and serums. Cutting down what to bring with me leaves me nervous, so that’s why I play it safe and bring everything with me. And in the end, more than half of the products don’t even make it out of my suitcase.


This is nothing new to you I guess, but starting to use these travel containers for my moisturizers and face primer has been a life saver. Not only because my suitcase has a lot more space now and I don’t carry almost 150ml for each container with me, but also because it doesn’t hurt that much if it leaks out in my bag. Let’s be honest ladies. We all know that your beauty and skincare products can be a big investment.

OFS_Travel Beautybag-16OFS_Travel Beautybag-3 OFS_Travel Beautybag-5


Lash curlers take a lot of space in your beauty bag because of their disadvantageous shape. I also ruined a lot of my curlers already. That’s why I am happy that I discovered this compact curler which is really convenient for travels. I think that the manufacturers could work a little bit on the design and make it look less like a toy but for me it’s pretty practical.

OFS_Travel Beautybag-7OFS_Travel Beautybag-18

OFS_Travel Beautybag-8


I like to bring samples on trips just because of their convenient size. When it comes to foundation I bring the whole bottle with me when I’m on vacation for more than a week. If I don’t have any samples left, I like to put my foundation into travel containers for weekend trips. Concealer and eye-primer are the only things I bring in full size because they aren’t that heavy anyway and do a great job without any make-up – especially concealer. I also like to apply eye-primer on my lids without putting any eye-shadow, on just because my eyelids look less oily afterwards. I also stopped bringing my whole lipstick collection with me. You can’t go wrong with a classic red and one nude lipstick. And knowing me, I don’t leave another country or city without buying at least one new lipstick. Even when it comes to lipsticks and mascara I try to bring sample sizes with me because I know it would break my heart if I’d loose them. Plus it really makes a difference especially for trips where you take the plane and have to take care not to have any excess baggage.

OFS_Travel Beautybag-10 OFS_Travel Beautybag-11 OFS_Travel Beautybag-12 OFS_Travel Beautybag-13


Removing your make-up is such an important step. I don’t personally like these eye-make-up-remover oil pads because of their consistency but they are really practical when travelling. When it comes to clearing my face I also go with samples I received.

OFS_Travel Beautybag-17

What do you take with you for your beauty and skincare routine when travelling?

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  1. I love your little jewel-lid travel containers. I noticed you linked to similar but do you recall where you got the ones in your photos? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for! 🙂 Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kimberly! I bought them during my vacation in Hongkong – it’s a drugstore called Sa Sa – I think you can find them on Facebook ‘’ ( 🙂

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