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At sad as it sounds: Traveling is something that makes me realize that right now I’m in a place where I don’t belong. At least I feel like that every single time I come back to something I used to call my home. The more I enjoy traveling to places that feel like home and besides the Philippines I found another place I really feel I could go back to any time. Gran Canaria has become a place that gives me the feeling I’ve never realized I haven’t had for a long time: Happiness.

The Canary Islands are just beautiful. As cheesy as it may sound. I feel like I’m becoming the most relaxed person when I’m there. I’ve been there for three times already and even considered of getting a house for our family vacations there. The mindset of the people, the beach, the old architecture and the modern twist get me every single time. Taking vacation and traveling was always something I’ve loved but also something that was related with a really tight schedule and a lot of stress. I came back to the Canary Islands that often because I really understand what relaxation means over there. What get’s me the most is the beautiful mix of the old parts of the city that are still really much appreciated by everyone living there and the serenity of people. The people that appreciate the beauty of their home, that go to work because they decided to dedicate their live to it full of passion and not only because of living.

Sometimes I think of this place similar as of fashion. Something that is old but never get’s old – like this beautiful FENDI bag I got via Vestiaire Collective. The Canary Islands in fact remind me of something I love. The mix of something old and modern. Something that is laid back but really on point. I tried to reflect this feeling in my outfit – a classic bag that never gets old – well in my opinion, classic PRADA glasses with a modern twist, a headband with a timeless print and a modern touch with the alphabet statement earrings by dieMacherei.

Maybe something that I wouldn’t wear with so much confidence in Vienna anymore. Just because I feel that it’s the place where I don’t belong anymore. I feel like the city is the home I can always come back to, but not the city I wanna stay. I personally feel like it lost its magic. But maybe it is only because of some circumstances. Over the years the city really wasn’t coming my way like what I have prayed for. Of course there were ups and downs, but the downs let me fall really hard. Maybe, it also just wasn’t my year…again. But still I am curious about what’s next. Just had the urge to get rid of some personal thoughts.

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