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Strong is the new beautiful. Natural is the new beautiful. Everything seems to be the new beautiful. But fact is: It isn’t. At least it seems that our society won’t approve. Not in the world of social media. Not in the world of runway shows. And especially not in our business. Don’t get me wrong. Part of the society seems to get it. Good thing is that there are a bunch of positivity campaigns and brands as well as some people that seem to get the point of it all. But still. There are way more bullshit comments and I feel more depreciation on something that is labelled with the word positivity. There has been something that has been bothering me for a while now and I actually was thinking about publishing this post for a while.


Nope. I was not sure about sharing this topic with all of you. Not at all. And you know why? I always thought it was my fault. My fault for being lazy, my fault for not taking care of me. Did y’all know how hard it is to give your all to fill a fashion blog as plus size girl with content? Seeing all your colleagues rocking all these new pieces that are just not made for you? Fair enough. This one’s on me. Cause for the past years I was not ready or willing to get my ass up. But…


Some of you might think now: How hard can it be to find something that fits you? Not that hard. You’re right. But still, you all keep asking for authenticity and us being ourselves. So we try our best to still stay true to our style while spotting the newest trends for you. And after doing that, we try to present it to you in the best way possible. How hard can it be? Well, guess what. We all work for our money. It can get a bit pricey and it is no secret that there are a lot of pieces we buy, but also a lot of pieces that be borrow for shootings. And that’s exactly what I want to talk about today.



There are some showrooms that feel like a second home to me. I see something, fall in love with the pieces and the people there get me. I understand that not every piece is made for everyone. But still, I always find something that’s also looking for my attention somehow. Lucky me I got the chance to present this beautiful piece by Diesel to you that really caught my attention from the beginning when I was taking a look at the Spring/Summer Collection 2017. I love the fabric and the pattern that give a classy modern twist to my dark but very casual look. To be honest, I really love how this label turns out to be a label that also seems to design the clothes in different cuts and fits. So thank you for that!



I really love most your pieces. And I totally get that it is really hard to get different sizes and there is a standard size for sure. And to the people there. Thank you for trying to be polite by telling me to still try the clothes on. Maybe you think it’s flattering and I appreciate your efforts. But the truth is, it is kind of depressing. And even if we know that this is just the standard and you only offer standard sizes, it kind of feels discriminating. I am not even mad, just trying to understand why there are body positivity campaigns going viral from your labels, while not even providing a range of sizes. I’m just trying to prove my point here. And while writing this, I realize it is not even your fault. But to all the labels: If you offer a standard size in the showroom, it doesn’t seem like other sizes are accepted by the labels at all. Cause what you’re saying is that plus shouldn’t be standard. It’s just my opinion and maybe I just have a very different definition of positivity.


Now that the depressing part is over, welcome to the fun part. So as I already mentioned, I got this pyjama piece from Diesel’s Spring Summer Collection and surprise. Spring seems to be darker than never. I actually just tried to match my hair cause maybe you realized that I went back to my natural hair color which is really dark. I’ve been dyeing my hair a few shades lighter for more than twelve years now and just thought it was time to give them a break and only dye them again once they’re white ;P

I found it a bit too classy to just pair this piece with a dress, and too casual to pair it with pants only. That’s when I decided to just wear both cause even if people are over it – layering is still a thing for me. But still I can’t wait to wear my colorful pieces as soon as spring finally decides to stay in Vienna for a while 😀

wearing// Pyjama/blazer DIESEL SS17 sunnies TOM FORD MARCOLIN EYEWEAR
Photos: Edisa Shahini // disicouture


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