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I’m happy and excited to show you the second part of our outfit-shootday ! Right now I should be sleeping because of my flight to the Philippines tomorrow but I really don’t want to leave Vienna without finishing and posting this one. So may I introduce you to this guy here. His name is JimBeam Villacorte and he’s one of the few fashion-concious guys I know here in Vienna.  Not only that he always dresses absolutely well. He’s also really interested in fashion and  everything that has to do with it – which is a good thing for me. They always say that one gets the most inspiration through the people around you right ?  Well, he’s one of the few guys that starts these lovely fashion conversations with you. So I’m happy he agreed to shoot this outfit with me.







Not only that I find his style amazing and refreshing, I also think that this free spirited guy has an  excellent sense in fashion, styling and photography. I find it exciting to listen to him talking about his plans to follow his dreams and I’m pretty sure he’ll make it. It was really exciting to listen to his ideas, opinion and his input on my blogposts. He watches out for little details and I think that I still can learn a lot from him.





A lot of people stick to one style – but not this guy. Here you can see his classy side but he also has this almost indescribable incredibly, convertible and unique style (yees I did use a lot of adjectives here just because I can’t find that one single word that describes his whole style). Different to many others he changes the style of his outfits without chaing the flavor to his own style and without appealing to try too hard. I hope from now on you’ll get to see more posts of him on this blog.




If you can’t wait to see more just visit his IG or TUMBLR.


wearing// pants, gilet H&M blazer ZARA hat, shoes ?
pictures by Katja Kay Sabando & me
Thank you Jimbeam & Katja for this fabulous day !



aaaand here are some BTS photos – enjoy ! :-*




here’s my fave one:




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