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This wasn’t supposed to happen. I broke a promise to myself. Again. I had a break from my blog even if I promised myself that I wouldn’t neglect my work on this site anymore. But still, it happened. And I needed that little break. I had to focus on a new chapter in my life. A chapter that started a week ago. I always love to write about what’s on my mind, about my problems, my worries. So why not share something good that’s happening for a change? It seems like everything is coming together.

beige-on-white-outfit-onefauxseven beige-on-white-outfit-onefauxseven

I have a new job. A job that scared the shit out of me. I was looking for a new challenge and that’s exactly what I got. It was my first week and I had to concentrate on giving my all and do my best to prove that they made the right choice, cause that is how I roll. I don’t want people to regret their decision by choosing me. I want to meet their expectation – at least up to the best of my ability. As many people would be, I was really nervous on my first day. And from the first minute on I knew and I know that I still have a lot to learn. But my co-workers made it very easy for me to immerse myself into everyday work. Still, I am in that learning curve, where I can’t concentrate on too many things. So I had to prioritize wisely and decided to cut back my posts on the blog – for now. I was always complaining about not getting the chance to prove myself and now it’s time to do so. And the weekend? To be honest. A new chapter in life can be a thrilling and requires a lot of energy at the same time. So I decided to spend this weekend to relax, and use this weekend away from my computer.

beige-on-white-outfit-onefauxseven beige-on-white-outfit-onefauxseven

As I said, everything is coming together. People are right when they say, that the hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for the right moment. Seems like life does require a lot of patience until every part of it interacts. A long time ago, the combination of beige/off-white and white was also a no-go. But now it seems like a lot of people are open for this color-combination and I personally do love it. This color-combination represents the bright side of life that I am experiencing at the moment. Further I really think that the combination of a chic A-cut dress framed by a laid back coat and casual shoes are the perfect attire for me at the moment. Something bright but not too serious. Something that says, I’m ready for life but not ready to reach adulthood a 100% haha.

beige-on-white-outfit-onefauxseven beige-on-white-outfit-onefauxseven beige-on-white-outfit-onefauxseven

photos: Edisa Shahini 

wearing// dress H&M coat H&M shoes KAY SHOES HKG (similar here) envelope clutch MISS SELFRIDGE earrings FLORAL PUNK

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