I guess I really need to learn how to take a break. So my friend just wanted to enjoy a day at Mercado Central – a public market in Valencia. I couldn’t resist and had to force her to take these photos of me. She was lucky I didn’t bring my camera with me or else this photo session has gotten out of control. I mean look at that backdrop!


fall-outfit-ofs-1Basically this was one of my biggest problems throughout the whole vacation. Should I bring my camera? I knew that I could still take photos with my iPhone but there is always this little voice inside my head that says ‘you’re going to regret it’. I think blogging is something that we really enjoy. But I’ve realized within the past months that I really can’t take a break without thinking about what equipment to bring, or if my power bank is charged. If my card is full, do I have internet connection, what kind of lenses should I bring. There is always this thought about missing a chance to creative really good content. But do others suffer because of these trains of thoughts? I guess. I am lucky enough to have people around me, that try to understand what I’m doing. But I think that I really should learn how to take a break again. I realized that when I was on vacation the last time and my friends asked me if I even stopped working for a second because I was posting constantly without taking a break. But I still remember that a few months ago this was my biggest problem. Not being able to post on a regular basis. Now that I’m trying, it seems like I forgot how to relax. This time I still wasn’t able to take a break from everything and just enjoy my vacation, but I think I was one step closer to it. At least I didn’t bring my camera with me every day. Still I realized that I was on my phone 24/7 which also has something to do with my current job I guess. Anyways, we managed to take a few shots at the market with my iPhone. When I look at the quality of the pictures, I still kinda regret not bringing my camera, but still I am happy that we were able to enjoy the day.

fall-outfit-take-a-break-3 fall-outfit-take-a-break-4

wearing// pants MANGO blouse ZARA sunnies (old) ASOS similar here bag MARIO VALENTINO/ZALANDO 
photos: M. Narciso

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