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It’s all about brows since .. well, I really can’t remember. But ever since we all started admiring Cara’s brows and we’ve all been trying different brow products and brow gels to get them in shape. Apparently we all spent too much on these products. I’ve came across with this new trend. Soap brows. This new trend is actually an old trick that was used to tame a lady’s wild eyebrow way back in whatever year I wasn’t born yet … well, waaay back.

So here’s what you need:

    • A bar of soap – obviously: It works best with clear soap. You can also use white soap, but it might leave a white film that you have to gently take off with a tissue paper. Natural glycerin soap works best as replacement for your brow gel and the messy but still tamed soap brow look you are going for.
    • A spoolie
Lily Lolo Pinsel Augenbrauenpinsel 1.0 st Urban Rituelle Soap Bar

All you have to do now is to wet your damp your spoolie and scrub it up in your clear soap bar (just a little), so you can still experiment on how much product you’ll need. Now brush your spoolie through your eyebrows in the direction you want to set your wild brows. This method is a good one to achieve a messy brow look. And remember. Messy is always good because it doesn’t take that much time ;P. Well, after you applied the soap that’s replacing your brow gel, you let it dry for about a minute and then go on with your actual brow routine filling up the gaps.

A bar of soap will not cost you more than 2 to 3 bucks and will last forever. 😉

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