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Lately I’ve realized one thing and I’m not quite sure how to feel about this. Is it just me or has fashion and especially being a fashion blogger (or even just a blogger) become a battle of who has the newest and dopest designer pieces?
I completely understand that this is how fashion works and that designers for sure provide us with the hottest pieces of the season. But I’ve seen so many people – especially on Instagram that really forget about the classics. And don’t get me wrong. I am for sure also a person that gets as excited as everyone when unpacking a new designer baby – that’s for sure and I totally get it. But I feel like opinions are all the same and so is the taste in fashion of everyone. Everything becomes so mainstream and you spend lots and lots of money for something you’re not even into that much.


I don’t know why but I personally find it very exciting hunting for pre-loved vintage pieces. They have a different charm and a different story and most of the time people really are not into the pieces I pick. But as long as I can identify with the pieces I am sincerely happy with my picks. That’s one thing. The other thing I noticed is, that some people tend not to buy pieces they really like anymore, just because everyone else got their hands on the things too. I very often go with logo and monogram bags and if I wouldn’t buy them anymore, just because some other people on this earth have them too, I would probably be left with my grocery bags. Why not think about what makes you happy when you have it? I as for instance like the thought of handing down my designer bags to my children or grandchildren, so I think the timeless pieces are the perfect choice. Also I really don’t have shitloads of money and I really save up to get what I want – even if it’s vintage. Sometimes I also look the next bag on my wishlist for about a year until I find one in the perfect condition, for the perfect price.

Sunnies Studios


Well, being interested in fashion, having fun experimenting also means that some things really are seasonal and sometimes you just wanna go with it. For me personally I ain’t ready to to spend lots of money on seasonal pieces. The best example are sunnies. I have sunglasses that I’ve really invested in because they are classics to me that will work for years just because they have a timeless and perfect shape that suits my face shape really well. And on the other hand I have sunglasses like the narrow ones, that are in style again, that I’m really not ready to pay for a lot. That’s why I’ve been loving Sunnies Studios since day one. And when I say ‘since day one’ I really mean it, because I’ve been buying from them when they were still named ‘Sunnies by Charlie’. Every time I get the chance to grab a pair, I’ll do so and they have tons of different models. The best thing about it? They are really affordable and good quality. This year one of the three pairs I got is the model XENIA that you can see here in the picture (they are unisex btw).

Sunnies Studios


I just wanted to make a point that it’s not all about glam and designer pieces. It’s not all about money. It’s also not about fast fashion. For me personally a good mix is something you can work with to feel comfortable. Go with your gut feeling, invest in something you really like and not what gets you many likes, think about how you can imagine yourself combining it in 5 to 10 years. Just have fun with it.



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