If you know me for a few years now, you also should know that I gave my kitchen a wide berth. I was never into cooking but more into eating. A few months ago, when I moved back to Vienna, I suddenly felt the urge to bake. And there it all started. Now I am really into baking but I never really shared any of my desserts on the blog. I am happy to tell you that I shared my first recipe of this delicious dessert online. Not that it is my first time to share a recipe, but it is also my first guest entry for the Sigma-Foto Germany Blog. I’ve made a raspberry tiramisu 🙂

Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Himbeer Tiramisu 11

On the Sigma Blog you will not only find my recipe. I’ve also written down my experiences using one of their lenses: The SIGMA 18-35mm F1,8 DC HSM | Art.

Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Himbeer Tiramisu 1
Since their site is written in German, I thought I’d share the recipe in English for some of you on my blog. This dessert is really quick and easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 300g raspberries
  • 400g mascarpone
  • 500ml whipping cream
  • 100g powdered sugar
  • 1pack vanilla sugar
  • 1½- 2 packs sponge fingers
  • lemon juice
  • ¼ l cold coffee
  • 4cl rum
  • cocoa powder

Take half of your raspberries and mash them. Mix your whipped cream and combine with sugar, vanilla sugar or extract and lemon juice. Add your matched raspberries into the bowl. Now stir/fold mascarpone into the whipped cream mixture to lighten.

Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Himbeer Tiramisu 2

Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Himbeer Tiramisu 5

Sigma-Foto_Onefauxseven-Raspberry TiramisuSigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Himbeer Tiramisu 6

Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Raspberry Tiramisu 3

Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Himbeer Tiramisu 7Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Raspberry Tiramisu 8

Now mix your coffee and rum and soak your sponge fingers just real quick. Cover the surface of your cake pan with it and layer with cream. Repeat this step until you’re out of sponge fingers. The last layer should be a cream-layer. Keep it in the fridge for a few hours and cover the top with cocoa powder until you can’t see anything of the cream-layer anymore. And you’re done with your Raspberry Tiramisu!
Sigma-Foto-Onefauxseven-Himbeer Tiramisu 9 Raspberry Tiramisu

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