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Good evening everyone! I hope you had a good week so far. I finally managed to sort out pictures of my wonderful week in santorini. So here are some impressions of my first two days… Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures as much as I did enjoy my vacay.

So these were my first impressions when I was on the way to the hotel and it looked exactly
how I imagined it to be:

DAY 1:








I was super excited when we arrived at our hotel – super cute !






Checked in at room # threefauxseven for onefauxseven






Just dropped my luggage off to explore our neighborhood. The Venetian Castle was only 10 mins.









This is where I spent most the mornings during my seven days of summer… chillin’ by the pool
and drinkin’ my coffee.


I really fell in love with this place. Our hotel had the perfect ambience to relax.



DAY 2:
As I really had to work on my tan urgently, we were heading to the perivolos beach on our 2nd day.




The water was super clear and the best bonus of this beach was that they offered free wi-fi. Lucky
me. I got the chance to keep y’all updated on instagram and some of you really hated me for that.





The receptionist told us that fried tomato balls were a local specialty of santorini. So we ordered some

for lunch and they were delicious. These tomato balls kinda reminded me of a filipino dish called



There’s still more to come… so stay tuned.

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