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“Seek and you shall find” – a phrase that we all heard from our parents, a phrase that almost suits any situation. The next holidays are coming up and I am really looking forward to spend the easter holidays with my family. Since I was little we spend the easter weekend at this house outside Vienna. As a kid I was running around in the garden looking for my easter basket. And when I look at the kids in our family now, I am kind of jealous about their looks and the joy I see in their eyes when they find little surprises in between the blades of grass. It’s not that I am jealous of what they get but it’s like I miss the feeling of finding something and be totally satisfied with it. But I guess that’s part of growing up.


We are all constantly looking for something. Comfort, new friends, attention, love or the right thing to do. There are so many options to finally find the things that we are looking for. It actually is amazing how we as human beings are able to direct our own life in our own direction by always looking for new things and find the right things for us. It is amazing how all of a sudden at some times we think that we are totally going the wrong way to find what we are looking for even if that one thing might be right in front of us. The point is that there is simply just too much we see. Also things that might not fit into our idea or vision of what might fit for us. Life happens when we follow indicators – just a little help that might lead us.


I sometimes wish life would be easier. I sometimes wish that I could be a kid again. Being totally satisfied with that I find. Not being interested in anything else that is going on around me when I find my easter basket. Just sit in a corner and enjoy what’s inside. But that’s not how life goes. It’s not part of growing up. Now it’s more about enjoying what I see. To see the next generation enjoying the same thing that I enjoyed years ago.


I felt like looking for my easter basket when I was looking for the perfect spring/easter outfit on Zalando. You are amazed by all the options, the wide range and the selection. Like I said before, I believe that if you are looking for something that is adapted to your life or to yourself you need indicators. The offer on Zalando is so big, that it is impressive but sometimes it can get difficult to find the right thing. Everyday they are adding new pieces and you have the feeling that you will never finish clicking through all the offers. What I always like to do is to use their filters. I really think about what color or item I am looking for. Sometimes I also filter by my favorite brands, which is not always useful to be honest. Sometimes it helps and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on new things, just because I am focused on the brands that I already like. So sometimes when I am bored, I like to just click through the brand section and just take a quick look if I like what I see or not to mark the brands that I feel like would fit my style.

For me personally the landing page is really useful. You already get a quick overview of the new trends and key pieces that might help your imagination to combine things in a new way. The second thing I always use is the ‘similar’ function: When I see something I like, the first thing is saving it but also scrolling down to look for similar things, cause there might be a similar piece from another brand with just a cut that fits you better or just little details that would make your choice even more perfect. This time I was looking for something more colorful because I was really waiting for spring and I felt like on easter I want my outfit to match the joyful feeling that I see in the kids faces running around in the garden.

wearing// dress MISSGUIDED trench coat OBJECT OBJANNLEE denims NEW LOOK  pumps HELIA statement earrings SNÖ OF SWEDEN bag GUESS

Photos: Bryan Dave Mendoza
Creative Direction: Lance Mendoza
Video: Aron Bartolome

*In friendly cooperation with Zalando

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