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Warning: If you are not interested in what came with the Glossybox this time, you should skip this blogpost ;P

I’ve never been so excited about a launch here in Vienna. This time it really was a coincidence and this box came just right in time. Stressed out and getting ready for work like every morning, because I set the alarm on snooze, this package arrived and I didn’t even have the time to open it. But when I came home, the first thing I saw after having a rough day, was this box. The opening experience was a different one this time. The smell was amazing and reminded me of my time in school and my vacation in the Philippines about 10 years ago. So what was it? The smell of the japanese cherry blossom sakura – the Ritual of Sakura.

Rituals of Sakura Glossybox OFS 1 Rituals Of Sakura Glossybox OFS 2Why did it remind me of that specific time? I’ve loved the smell of cherry blossom ever since I had this shower gel and body mist. I can’t remember that label but I remember that I bought enough of it back in the days, so I would have enough stock when I was travelling to the Philippines and Ireland. The only reason why I stopped using this specific shower gel with its amazing smell was, because my skin became very sensitive out of a sudden and I was allergic to it. Well, let’s fast forward this little story to last year. I remember when one of my co-workers from Berlin gave this amazing body butter to me as a birthday present. It was the Honey Touch Body Butter from RITUALS. I started using it and loved it from the start. When I ran out of my Honey Touch Body Butter a few weeks ago, I was already a little bit upset, because I’m not a fan of ordering these kind of products online. So I was planning a trip to Berlin a few times which didn’t happen because I didn’t have the time. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t want to go to Berlin only to buy me some body butter, but also to visit a few friends I made over the last year.

Rituals Of Sakura Glossybox OFS 3 Rituals Of Sakura Glossybox OFS 4Well, thanks to Glossybox I am now super excited about these products. Cherry Blossom smell and RITUALS – two things I’ve been loving for quite some time now. Austria has now launched Rituals here in September and the products are available in the stores. Focusing on the japanese cherry blossom Sakura, Glossybox and Rituals are taking us on a journey to Japan. Perfect products to try since I just arrived in a cute little apartment for my vacay. But I can tell you something. The smell of all the products and the packaging already got me. I will include the Ritual of Sakura products in my everyday routine starting from today and I will soon update you about the Ritual of Sakura product line.

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