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I’ve been planning on taking photos with /of this guy who happens to be my best friend for a long time now and we finally managed to set our schedules ( yeah because we’re both THAT ‘busy’). Just real  quick:
People often ask how we became best friends. I really don’t know how we became that close. All I remember is that it all started with a little conversation in a bus. I’m not even sure if we had a real conversation or just some small talk.

Time flies and we’ve been really close friends for many many years now. We have the same sense of humor, we love good music, we love to travel.  Another thing that we have in common is that we love to spend our money on clothes (that we  s o m e t i m e s don’t need) !

So I thought I could give you a little foretaste of what is to come in my next posts including his outfit just to show you his kind of style. The details of both outfits will be listed in my upcoming posts. So here are some of our badasssss pictures. Enjoy ! Next parts coming soon !




pictures by Katja Kay Sabando & Jimbeam Villacorte


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