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Good morning/ Good afternoon / Good evening everyone! I hope y’all enjoyed your weekend so far.

Today I wanted to introduce my new category #fivepicks. In every #fivepicks-post I will share 5 things that I’m not planning to let go of any time soon. Long story short – let’s start with my picks for this month.

#1_SPECS: QUINN by SunniesStudios


I have the poorest eyesight of all time. I’m actually wearing contacts but sometimes my eyes just react against this foreign substance and need a break. My biggest problem is, that I don’t like wearing the same frame all over again. It actually depends on my mood to decide which shape I wanna go for. As we all know, most spectacles are quite expensive, so my vanity is working against me here. This explains, why I freaked out so much ever since Sunnies Studios came out with their specs line. These specs come with non prescription lenses but can be replaced. So that’s exactly what I did. If you’re planning to get them, I would recommend you to show them to your optometrist first. Some optical shops are unable to fit prescription lenses into some of the frames.

#2_NO7 Highlighter


I got this highlighter-palette in London and never used any other ever since. Some highlighters tend to be too glittery or have a white pigment, that just won’t fit by skin color. This one’s amazing!


#3_Romper Room Nail Polish by Essie 


I am more the red nail-polish kinda person, but lately I’ve been loving this nude/light pink for a change. My absolute fave at the moment is the color romper room by essie. The other bottle you see here is one of their base coats which works just perfect on my nails. I’ve been strugglin’ a lot finding the right base because I feel like it’s the base that causes bubbles and not the top coat. I count these nail polishes as one pick because the base goes along with every nail polish color I would pick for that manicure routine that I have. Btw: Thinking of posting my home manicure how-to’ on the blog and introduce my favorite shades from Kiko, Essie, Caronia & co. What do you think?



I’ve been very lazy when it comes to doing my make-up the last weeks. But when I do, I find myself wearing that heavy eye-makeup. Before this laziness hit me, I went for a winged eye-liner and bold lip errday. Since I am wearing make-up like twice a week only (if ever), I feel like I have to go all in and put a little more effort in it. Going all-in with the eyes, I feel like a bold lip is too much so I’m sticking to nude or rosy lip colors. The one that’s been used the most for the past weeks: My YSL Rouge Volupte.



You guys know me: no music – no life. Headphones on – world off. These headphones are a shield from everything what’s going on around you. I have difficulties when it comes to keep my concentration. So what I do when I work is to listen to music and turn the volume up to the  fullest. Fun fact: When I still went to university and had to study for my exams or write my papers,  I had only o n e song on replay for weeks, so the lyrics or beat wouldn’t distract me.
#1: SPECS: order here or here
#2: HIGHLIGHTER: order here (my shade: rose)
#3: NAIL POLISH: DE order here EN order here
#4: LIPSTICK: here (my shade ‘opera rose’)
#5: HEADPHONES: order here

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