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It’s almost the end of the month and time for my five picks. I have to admit, that it is getting a little bit difficult picking five items that are not all beauty products. I tried to include pieces from other categories but didn’t manage to skip the beauty products entirely. Here are my fave five for april:


I’ve been using this foundation for over a year now but only to special occasions or a night out. It is a full coverage foundation with a quite thick formula that would be a little bit too heavy for me for using it on a daily basis. It has no pump so it’s quite difficult to be in control of the amount that comes out of the bottle. I love using this one when I shoot my photos because it gives you a matte finish without looking too caky. P.S. I’m using the shade Pebble.


ofs-five-picks-aprilEveryone who knows me is also aware of the fact, that I would die without my planner. Well, let me tell you something. I don’t know exactly how that happened, but I totally missed on buying my Moleskin (that’s the one I’ve been using for years .. well until now) at the beginning of the year and was reluctant inwardly of buying one, not starting my notes with the 1st of january whilst I was dying on the inside at the same time because I realized that my life was really not organized and quite messed up. I was taking on too much and was quite really stressed out on some days. Then there were other days where I didn’t know what to do with myself because I was bored beyond belief. Using my calendar-app is an alternative but doesn’t get me that overview that I would need. Luckily Edisa gave me this cute planner that works just as good for me as my one by Moleskin. I’m kinda demanding high standards when it comes to calendars. I need a lot of space for my personal notes, the size has to be A5 and there has to be a week overview on a spread. This one meets all the requirements and has a super cute design on the cover as well as on the inside.  Thanks again, Disi! I feel much more organized again.


There’s nothing more to say. Just look how beautiful they are. I’ve been wearing them in my latest outfit posts and I feel like they upgrade literally every outfit. Love me some bling! The bigger pair on the left are the ‘massive crystal eaarings’  and the other ones are called ‘elegant grace earrings’.


ofs-five-picks-aprilofs-five-picks-aprilThis is no new trend but I started baking. Well, I started baking my face. I actually also started baking cakes but this is another story. I didn’t bake my face for a long time because it is a really messy affair. As you see my powder doesn’t look that nice anymore. Baking is really really reaaalllyyy messy and you really need a lot of time. I am a real sleepyhead so ain’t nobody got time for extra steps when doing make-up. But lately I had that little extra time and tried baking. That little extra time made a major difference on how my make-up looked and ever since I am addicted to baking my face. Everyone’s all about the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder and I would love to try it. But I ain’t no rich kid and this loose powder from Maybelline is a good alternative for me, because I’m not willing to spend 42 bucks on it since 90% of the powder is making it’s way to the floor itself. Someday. Maybe.


ofs-five-picks-april ofs-five-picks-april
I first heard about this powder since the lip gradation thing was a big thingy in Asia. So it’s basically all about staining your lips for a fresh look instead of concentrating to put the color all over your lips. I guess it’s sort of an ombre lip then, which I’m not really a fan of. Anyways, I found my technique on how to apply it and I’ve been loving this product and I am just applying it all over my lips even if that’s not the point of this whole product I guess. The Tint Caresse is the first ‘lip-gradation-pen’ with a powder formula. Yes, powder. A powder-to-cream-lipstick. What I love about it, is that it really doesn’t stain as much and the powder really doesn’t feel dry on your lips.
This shade is called Rose Blossom.


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