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I did it. For the first time. I was thinking about doing this for quite a while now but somehow it never happened. I tried some products from Kiehl’s and Urban Decay – yes. For the first time.  And some of you will think: ‘Why now?’ or ‘Well, nothing new.’ I was always totally crazy about trying out new products. But my skin wasn’t really into it. Aside from breaking out when switching between a bunch of products, I tend to have an allergic reaction to almost everything. That’s why I decided to stick to my holy grail products at some point. Lately I felt like my skin wasn’t that happy with my products anymore. So it was the best time to finally try the Kiehl’s products everyone is swearing by. It’s been a while since I shared my OFS FIVE PICKS with you at the end of the month. It’s not even the last day of the month but let’s say it’s kind of a belated OFS FIVE PICK thingy .. just something I wanna share with you.


Honestly, I thought it was just another product hype. I felt like everything that’s a little pricey gets hyped by people at some point. But trust me: I definitely understand why everyone is swearing by these products. Even my aunt! Thanks to Kiehl’s I was able to test the cucumber herbal alcohol free toner, the bath and shower liquid body cleanser, the powerful strength line-reducing concentrate  and the product I was super excited about: an eye treatment with avocado! I freakin’ love avocado!


First things first. No beauty without the bucks. I gotta be honest with you. I think one of the reasons of not trying these products earlier was because they were too pricey for when I was younger. I tend to have a knack for pricey things. So I guess my brain was just programmed to the following mode: If you don’t test it, you won’t be able to like it. If you don’t like it, you won’t spend money on it. But as we grow, we prioritize wisely right? I ain’t gon’ lie. Some of you will maybe look a bit older than me in a few years – cause hey, I’m Asian. #sorrynotsorry. But I also didn’t have to deal with dark under-eye circles a year ago. And now they are as dark as my soul. I still use drug store products from time to time when it comes to decorative cosmetics ’cause dupes are the shit and I ain’t no rich kid. But when it comes to skin care I already realized early that I really have to invest in some good products. The products I used before trying these Kiehl’s products cost almost the same but my skin is just not satisfied with them anymore. The decision of investing in some good skin care products is up to you. But I can tell you, you won’t regret it. If you’re not sure, maybe ask for testers first, if they have some. If they don’t: Maybe find a friend that already uses the products. Either they are good friends and can fill some of the products in containers so you can test them, or you are a good friend. And by that I mean you take the risk of buying the product. And if it’s not for you, you can still give it to your friend and be sure that someone’s gonna use it. That’s what I did with some of the products I used back then.



“If the App-Facetune smoothening function would exist in real life (without surgery), this is what it would feel like.” That’s what I thought, when I first woke up after applying the eye cream and the line-reducing concentrate. I felt like every pore was evened out by this concentrate. My skin did not only feel smooth as a baby bum but also after a few times of applying it I saw that my skin looked brighter. I will not lie to you. My eyes were still puffy but didn’t look swollen anymore. The past weeks I really felt like my under-eyes were really really bad because of the lack of sleep lately. Because of its moisturizing effect I didn’t look so heavy above the area of  my cheekbones.

I never and still do not have a problem when it comes to lines in my face. Or at least I thought so. I’ve been trying these products a few weeks now and I gotta be honest with you. I’m not sure if the line-reducing concentrate is effective in the way it should be. But that’s because I really didn’t have to deal with my face lines yet. But as my aunt says: It’s better to start early when it comes to preventing any lines. So this is what I’m going to do. For the concentrate the only thing I can tell you is that it settles in very very fast and evens out my skin. My skin feels smooth and I already ditched my day and night cream for it (the tubes were almost empty anyways ;P).



And yes we still talkin’ ’bout skincare. I always used products for my face that were alcohol-based because I felt that my skin needed that sterilizing effect. Well, surprise! It dries out your skin. But back then I felt like every alcohol-free face water was just a waste of money. I’m not sure if I’m loving this toner because it works in combination with the other products or because it’s magic. It is so refreshing and it really clears my skin. Normally when I try out alcohol free products, I start breaking out. Didn’t happen yet, I swear. Maybe it’s just good timing. Maybe the products really are worth the hype, right?


If it would work with this grapefruit body cleanser than I would say ‘shut up and take my money’. This Kiehl’s bath and shower body cleanser is the only product that I did not start trying at the same time with the other products. But only because I am not a fan of opening new bottles when other products are not empty yet. I really like the smell and the feeling of this cleanser so far. It leaves the skin smooth and I don’t use body lotion afterwards because I feel like I don’t need it anymore. I have these little spots on my shoulders and my back and really hope that this product will help. If that works I am not buying anything else anymore. Lol, FYI I have these spots on my skin since I was a teenager. Anyways, … I still gotta keep you updated on my Snapchat about this product. But so far, there’s nothing I don’t like about it. I was afraid that this cleanser won’t foam up (that would have been a big disappointment for me). But it does, so we’re good. And I again have to point out the lovely smell!!



Why again did I lie to myself when I said, that I do have enough lipsticks? I have a lot of lipsticks. And still, I always had an eye on these Urban Decay Lipsticks. But I knew that I was too weak and I would end up with like every color. Luckily (lying again) I did not. But can someone please tell me hoooooooow in the world is it possible that these lipsticks don’t come off? The colors are the bomb. The color range is the bomb. The packaging? Oh, good lord. Let’s not start ’cause I could write a song about how I love the packaging. But really. These Urban Decay Vice lipsticks stay on forever. I guess I had a long break but my lipstick collection is about to grow again. Brb. Shopping online for more shades now. ;P


first-time-kiehls-ofs-9 first-time-kiehls-ofs-10


Thank you Kiehl’s AT for letting my try these products. 

Photos by me taken at Hilton Vienna Plaza


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