dunas-onefauxseven-11dunas-onefauxseven-4Traveling leaves you speechless. And then turns you into a story teller. A few years ago, I got this world map. The one that’s blank and gray and after visiting a city, you can scratch it off so it will be colored. I’ve been used to traveling since I was a little baby. We used to travel to the Philippines to visit my family almost every year. Back then I really wasn’t into leaving the country. Especially because we were staying there for about a month. I had my friends here, I didn’t want to speak another language and I was just a kid that didn’t enjoy leaving the country. It didn’t take long for me to learn to appreciate all our trips and I started loving our yearly vacation. Not only to the Philippines but also the typical summer break vacation in Italy. When I started joining the trips with our school choir back then, I really was starting to become a little bit uneasy when I was staying in Vienna for too long. The first trips with friends started at a young age and now here I am,  loving and enjoying every vacation I plan.

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This one was a very much needed vacation and little did I know that I was finally able to do something that I had on my bucket list. A shooting in the middle of the dunes. It is simply amazing to stand in the middle of the dunes. I’m not a big fan of nature, but this time I was amazed by the simplicity and the things that nature can do. Thinking, that these hills of sand are built by the wind or formed by the flow of water – it’s just unbelievable. I had so much on my mind that this time I wasn’t able to plan my vacation and flew to Gran Canaria without knowing what to expect – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not everything in life has to be planned perfectly. Besides, I’ve learned that most of my plans don’t work out anyway. Because of this little but experience with a huge effect, I realized that I’m that kind of person that really wants to travel the world. I don’t really have a bucket list. I don’t really know where I wanna go next. I’m kind of lost in the desert going barefoot and enjoying the sand under my feet. I enjoy exploring things. Not in a too wild and jungle-like way though.

dunes-onefauxseven-5 dunas-onefauxseven-6 dunes-onefauxseven-7As I said, I don’t have a specific destination that I want to visit next. That’s why I like Jahnreisen so much. Most of the sites that I used before were kind of confusing to someone with a chaotic mind – like I am. . I like how this platform gives you ideas where to go next, not only sorted by special deals, but also by season, type of trips like city trips or beach vacation, luxury vacations, trips only for adults and many more. Next destination is already booked. I am going to Valencia – come follow me on my next journey.

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