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If I wanted to I’d say this is destiny. I found a new home and I’m moving and now Gucci is launching a home decor line. And it looks as gorgeous as y’all think it’ll be. At least from what I saw so farSo how can we imagine a home decor line from the Italian fashion house?


According to the press release “Gucci is pleased to announce the launch of Gucci Décor, an eclectic collection of items with which customers can dress their own spaces.” Okay, well. Let me tell you something. I’d love to dress my own space in Gucci Décor. But to be honest, before I dress my space in Gucci, I’d like to dress myself in Gucci first. At least I could show off them clothes without inviting everyone home, haha! Still, I think they did a pretty good job when in comes to the uniqueness again. I’m not a specialist when it comes to home decor, but taking that first glimpse, it looks pretty cute and impressive …at least on what we saw on Instagram, where Gucci posted a series of illustrations for the line by artist Alex Merry: 



Gucci Décor will be available starting in September and can be purchased online and at some specialty stores of Gucci. If you think on buying something from the collection, there will be cushions, candles, incense trays, room screens, wallpapers, and folding tables included. And there are some things that have made it on my wish list. I have to admit, that I don’t feel the whole collection cause some of it just reminds me too much of the grannies place but this is definitely the touch they were going for. But if I had to choose, I would probably go with some of these:





As you can already guess, everyone of us would love to have at least a little Gucci at home, but for sure it’s on the pricey side. Candles for instance will be costing around 2o0 bucks. I would love myself some cushions or and this metal folding table, and my birthday is coming up – for those who’d want to show some love ;P But some people like me still work hard for their money and try to get their life together. So how about these cute decor will be part of my forever wish list until I’m over it?

Take a look, which items would you add to your (forever) wish list?





*Header Illustration: Courtesy of Alex Merry


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