Sunday used to be a day I used for ‘me-time’. A day to feel good. A day to relax, put on masks, do my nails and read my magazines or a good book. I haven’t done this in a while. The past months I heard it a lot. From colleagues, my friends and my family. And I admit that they are right. I have to look after myself and sometimes I need some time just for myself to relax. It’s easier said than done with all the stuff that is going on. You want to be a good daughter, a good employee, a even better student and a good friend. All at the same time. Sometimes you just forget to be just a human being that needs a break. I took two days off after the weekend and I can tell you that it was feeling like the longest vacation in such a long time even if it were only two days. So I guess everyone was right. I was just in need of taking a little break. After I realized that I felt like a new born I decided to bring back my ‘me-time-sundays’ beginning with this very day.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Read a magazine, put on my favorite mask from Anne Marie Börlind and put on my eye-pads to get rid of all the tiredness I am feeling at the moment. I’ve been using this products for a while now and I seriously love them. I was using black masks from the Philippines and I’ve been loving them. But every time I ran out of the masks, I was looking for something that had at least the same effect.

And maybe, just maybe…there will be time to meet up with my friends or go out and have a coffee or some ice cream after my little spa day.

Happy sunday everyone!

Products used:

2 in 1 black mask
Hyaluron Augenpads

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