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Here we go! It’s time for my favorite season! Well, promise. Fall really is my favorite season although I have a favorite thing about every season. I really get excited for fall every year. Why? Well, first of all temperatures start to be normal again and most importantly: Let the layering game begin!



Sometimes I ask myself if layering is over already but for me it will always be a thing, although I have to say that my style got more simple over the past year. I remember wearing really complicated and uncomfortable outfit combinations just because they seem to look really cool, but at some point I realized that it really was just uncomfortable. Up to the point where I actually not only was feeling uncomfortable but also insecure because I didn’t know if there was anything wrong with my outfit after sitting down, leaving the toilet or even got scared to rip my maxi-coats when being on the escalator. People were staring at me (well they were not) but just felt weird about everything. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that Vienna in people isn’t that daring when it comes to fashion – or at least wasn’t – because also I have to say that it has improved a lot. Well all these things together led to the point when I decided to change something about my style. Don’t get me wrong – I still love to dress like I used before, but not for days at the office. I keep ‘old style of mine’ for days where I really want to give it a little extra. And if you are new to this blog you probably won’t notice: But yes. I wear sneakers now. I’m not a freak when it comes to sneakers and they are still not my favorite BUT I finally came to my senses and had to admit to myself that they are in fact really comfortable. When it comes to this: I will always keep it simple and basic and my motto is still chelsea boots, heels and pretty much everything over sneakers.



It is certainly not a secret that I have a problem when it comes to all kinds of jackets. I really do. And let me prove that my telling you that I have more jackets than pairs of socks at the moment. In fact I have more jackets than shoes, bags, earrings and necklaces. The wardrobe in my hall is full of it and nothing other than jackets. In fact I do have some jackets in more than one color in the same size. But that didn’t stop me from getting this beauty you see here. Isn’t this trench coat a dream? I was lucky enough to buy it on SALE and got it 70% off and I think that this might be one, that I’m getting in the other color too. Just because one can’t have too many coats for my favorite season, right?



I don’t know why but I’m so excited for fall already. Not only because of all the leaves from the trees that change into multi-colored ones and fly away in the wind. But because of golden hours, long walks to catch the sundowner, a light breeze, loads of coffee, good music, comfy knitwear, layers and layers of clothes and fun sunnies. I promise, if you know me as the grumpy one, you should definitely meet me during fall days. You’ll enjoy my company 😛



wearing: coat, MANGO // jeans, SMWOMAN // sneakers, NIKE// sunnies, Sunnies Studios – model XENIA// bag, FURLA


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