I’m addicted to wearing lipstick. So I thought why not show you my fave lipsticks I love. This is the first part of an OFS beauty series and I start with the more affordable ones from Kiko. At this point I like to mention, that this isn’t any kind of cooperation with the label. I just really love the fact, that they have pretty inexpensive beauty-products, with a wide range of colors. I even love to buy my nail polish there. Back on topic – for me, wearing lipstick is the easiest way of ‘dressing up’ a simple outfit. Other than some accessories, lipstick is timeless – depending on the color of course. Let’s start:

As the color of this mat lipstick says, it’s a brown shade (for most of you). When I wear this color, it looks more nude. I love wearing this for a natural everyday look, when I don’t feel like looking heavily made-up.



A woman’s life is not complete without a classic red lipstick. Some prefer to only wear this bright red for a night look, I like both. But careful. If you don’t get the right shade, it might look trashy on you. Make sure to follow the contour of your lips (no worries, I also still need some practise when when it comes to this).



Lipstick-Lovers are not satisfied with only having one red shade. So I also got myself a darker red. This is actually my most worn lipstick when I go out at night. Now, that fall is here, I also love wearing this shade when I go to work. But maybe it has to do with the fact, that I don’t change my bag every day and always care this lipstick with me.



This shade is perfection. It’s not the typical hot pink and simply perfect for rocking the dark lip this fall. I can’t stop wearing this shade but now, when I think about it, I have to shift down a gear using this one, because it’s from Kiko’s limited edition. And I couldn’t take it, not having this color in my lipstick-collection anymore.



Which one is your fave so far?

Pictures: Emina B.

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