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With everything going on it was about time to take a break. My projects, all the courses and work didn’t allow me to take a long break but I was happy enough to take a few days off for a little get away together with Deea from LesFactoryFemmes to experience a wonderful short vacay in one of the beautiful private villas of Geinberg5.



Believe it or not. It was my first time at a thermal spa so I had no expectations at all. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the private villas of Geinberg5 so I really appreciated the privacy we had there. We enjoyed our own hot tub on our terrace, had our own dock to a wonderful bathing pond which was connected to the general area of Thermalbad Geinberg. So we were able to swim to the other end whenever we felt like it.




During our day we were overwhelmed and spoiled. We had our own butler service so we met this wonderful guy called Franz, who managed to make our stay unforgettable. Every time we needed something he was already one step ahead of us and made sure we had the best time during our stay. He was the one that took us from our villa to the restaurant, served us our food when we had a lot of work and decided to have our dinner in our villa instead of the restaurant and made sure we were as relaxed as possible, which is not always that easy for the both of us with everything we have going on in our lives.

As I mentioned, we still had to work during our stay there, but it wasn’t that hard for us because we had this amazing atmosphere and managed to use our own sauna and steaming bath inside our villa after we managed to check off everything of our to-do-list. The good thing about everything in this villa was not only the privacy but also that we didn’t have to make any appointments whenever we felt like using the sauna and steaming bath. And sometimes a little bit of silence is everything you need. We knew that we had the chance to go to the general area any time but really enjoyed our stay – just a girls get away, just the two of us… even though I’m pretty sure that it would have been even more fun if Laura was with us.



If you are looking for a place to relax last minute I really recommend this place. Everyone that needs a bit more privacy should consider experiencing everything we did in this private villa. If you’re on a budget you still can relax at the Thermalbad Geinberg and get a day ticket. Either way Geinberg is a place I’ll come back to whenever I feel like taking a break from everything. If you’re located in Vienna it is only a 2.5 hour car ride.



You might think that we never came out of our cave if you saw our Instagram-Stories. Well, we did. We checked out the Veuve Clicquot roady that is located in the general area at Thermalbad Geinberg where you can try their cocktails until the 15th of august. Check out the post of LesFactoryFemmes for more information. Hint: We tried the cocktails and approve.

Veuve Clicquot



Every time I see this outfit I’m wearing, I think of the song wild thoughts. It’s not really what Rihanna is wearing in the video but it kind of inspired me to combine this outfit in the way I did. Her outfit in the music video are amazing and very colorful. I love her make-up and looks and somehow I get this Rihanna vibe every time I wear this outfit. It’s also a more vacation-inspired outfit because you won’t see me in shorts that often. Fun fact: We were actually listening to this song while shooting this outfit.  ;P

wearing// bathing suit ASOS similar here, shorts MANGO, blouse EDITED, shoes H&M, sunnies DG4270 DOLCE & GABBANA, headband old

Photos: Deea//Lesfactoryfemmes

Thank you Veuve Clicquot and Geinberg5 for this amazing stay.

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