I’ve been MIA the past days if not even the past two weeks. And I have a good reason for it. I needed some time to relax. My body was calling time out cause on christmas eve I got the flu and I really didn’t even make it out of my bad for a few days. Holiday festivities do really stress me out, and I’m not the only one, who really feels all the stress – especially at that time of the year. So this is my first post of the year and I actually thought that I wanna share with you how I enjoyed finding time for myself again. I also had some help in relaxing: Products by DECLARE that fight that marks of stress in my face.



The best way to escape Stress-City is to do something for yourself. I mostly end up online shopping when I do something for myself, but this option is quite cheaper and healthier for my wallet.  Sundays used to be my ‘at-home-spa-day’. I’m not quite sure when I stopped doing that but I loved putting on masks, doing my nails, drink coffee with my hair masks on. I didn’t do that for quite a while now and decided to pamper myself by trying out new products. This time I really felt all the pressure because everything came together. University, work, christmas, me getting sick. So why not try products that are specifically stress balancing?


I tried this soothing and balancing cream and I really loved the packaging. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was the wonderful smell, that reminded me of something, that was very familiar to me but I still can’t tell you what exactly this smell reminded me of.






This is my favorite product of all the three I tested. The fluid roll-on is so cooling and relaxing. I already see, that the part around my eyes really lost on puffiness. The good thing is, that aside from using it during your morning and evening ritual, you can also use it in between when you have make-up on. Especially when I’m traveling, I like to have something with me, that would make me look a little more awake when I get off the plane. So this one’s definitely coming with me. I already put it in my bag, cause I’m flying to the Philippines in a few hours. I think I really got addicted to this product – no joke. Every time I use this roll-on I can’t stop applying it. It’s similar to having an addiction with the lip balm of your choice ;P





Well, I ain’t gonna lie to you guys. I am really not used to using serums because I always feel like the word serum itself states the product as something that is so exclusive. But I still have a few at home. It says that this product should help reduce visible signs of stress, fatigue and irritated skin quickly and effectively. I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and I really can’t tell if it’s working. But that has to do with the fact that I was sick in bed and looked like a piece of shit. On the side, my skin really looks a bit better without make-up now. Not quite sure, if it’s because I took a break from wearing make-up since the day I got the flu. It leaves your skin glowy and fresh though after applying it and that is exactly the point. Feeling better after pampering yourself. Feeling good and forgetting all the stress.

declare-anti-stress-ofs-8 declare-anti-stress-ofs-9 declare-anti-stress-ofs-11


So far I’ve been really liking these products. I don’t really have resolutions for 2017 but I really like to try to find more time for myself again. I’m that kind of person that loves and hates deadlines at the same time. I really can’t live without any stress. But sometimes it just breaks you and your body. So maybe I really have to find that one day in a week, where I live stress-free. The rest of the week can still be filled with productivity, a bit of pressure  and the good kind of stress. For me, … I really find it difficult to really do nothing productive on my ‘days-off’. But maybe that is something that I should learn. Not making exceptions when it comes to having me-time.

Photos: Zeki // Thatblogthing

DECLARE Skin Meditation
DECLARE Perfect Eye-Fluid
DECLARE Anti-Irritation Serum

Thank you to Accor Hotels.

Location: Mercure Vienna First 


  1. Hey What a good and amazing review of these beauty products for stressed SKIN.
    Keep up reviewing beautylish products … because the´re really worth the money … I myself love declaré! 🙂 😉 bisous


    1. Hi Marc,

      thanks a bunch! I’ll try my best to keep reviewing everything I like 😀 But I have to admit that I try to not switch between products so much anymore so maybe the reviews will keep coming, but maybe less often 😀 xx

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