There’s definitely a reason why I haven’t been posting on this blog that used to be my baby – the platform of my personal expression.¬†ONEFAUXSEVEN – Fashion Filling Words. This blog always has been an outlet to express my personal style, my love for fashion and put it into words. So why has it been quiet around here for the longest time? A lack of inspiration? Not really. A lack of time. Maybe a little. But mostly it wasn’t fun anymore. And that’s because it has become harder than ever. It’s no secret that I’ve been gaining weight and I used to manage to deal with it because I was just fine with the way I used to be. I didn’t need my body to express myself. What I used to escape the world of hate was fashion. Combining beautiful pieces and use the result of my formulas in my head to put together a perfect and fun outfit for myself was the only escape that I ever needed. Until the day that I realized that I had to return every single item I ordered or purchased because it wouldn’t fit me.

Sizing has become crazier than ever. I realize it now. But I couldn’t manage to get around that self blame for quite a while, blaming me and my lifestyle. I started believing what I’ve been seeing – in fact I started believing things that I’ve been making fun of for the longest time. I was desperate. Ordering sizes that would suppose to fit ended in a disaster. Order plus size fashion would end up making me unhappy. I was struggling with finding the right size because I wasn’t familiar with ‘plus sizing’ – and at this point I ask myself: what does this even mean? Long story short: Either the clothes were to small, too big, or the labels just weren’t my thing. I was desperate because I felt like bigger sizing was going hand in hand with old-fashioned styles. Further I had the feeling that I had to put a label to my body type. Thinking about it now I could really punch myself in the face.

msmode all white outfit summer curvy fashion ONEFAUXSEVEN



What I love about my job is definitely that I have the honor to discover new brands or brand that I haven’t heard of yet all the time. So I remember the day I was introduced to msmode like it was yesterday. It was one of those crazy press days where every appointment is timed to the last second. In this one room in the back I wasn’t thinking about time. I wasn’t worrying about being late for the next stop I had on my itinerary. I was blown away by the passion and the mission of msmode. I was amazed by the styles, the materials and the philosophy. Some of you might think that I’m exaggerating but have you ever walked away from a piece that you saw and couldn’t stop thinking about it for the longest time, so you went back and purchased it? Right. Exactly my point minus the fact that I was able to buy the things because they wouldn’t fit.

So believe me when I say that I was really happy that I have seen pieces in a showroom that just looked like they might fit. Believe me when I say that I was amazed by the fact that they made key-pieces and basics that actually fit me. And believe me when I say that they are definitely changing the game in the curvy fashion world.

Here’s the thing: Having curves doesn’t mean that clothes just have to be bigger but can be shapeless. Curvy fashion doesn’t mean that everything has to be oversized. Curvy fashion doesn’t mean that curvy is ONE body type. Newsflash. We all have different kind of curves. And msmode understands it. msmode designs comfortable fashion for real women with curves starting with size 40 up to 54. And when I say 40 I don’t mean the number “40” that some shitty fast fashion labels – not dropping any names- dare to sew on the clothes they sell, while a 6 year old would be the only one that would fit into their clothes.

msmode all white outfit summer curvy fashion ONEFAUXSEVEN

msmode all white outfit summer curvy fashion ONEFAUXSEVEN

I am more than happy that I finally have the chance to continue expressing myself through my personal style. I am happy to share more great styles by msmode and I am happy to start sharing more blogposts again starting today.

I missed you!




Photos: Bryan Dave Mendoza


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