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There is a reason why it’s been quiet on this blog for a long time now. Not only because of what’s going on in life but also because this blog is about fashion and everything around it that is fun, creative and unique, just like fashion should be. Todays blogpost will be a little bit different than normally. If you keep on reading, I’ll explain why:


Here we are, all excited cause the warmer days have finally arrived. Not complaining about gloomy winter days anymore. But for me there’s one problem. I really don’t know what to wear and on summer days I mostly feel depressed when it comes to fashion. For me it’s not fun because of something that started about a year ago. It doesn’t matter what I wear but I tend to feel hot in everything I wear. So instead of wearing what I want I find myself thinking about what to wear while not looking like coming out of the shower. Acting accordingly, I wasn’t really into shopping the past few months and wearing the same old clothes over and over again. Since I got a little bit motivated today, I thought why not recreate a look from one of my older pictures. Since I want to give you details on the individual pieces, we are taking the photo you see here and try to recreate a similar look with some pieces I found and would like to get my hands on within the next hours after writing this post. So let’s get started.


I personally feel really uncomfortable wearing shorts to the office, so I usually go with long pants or culottes on really hot days. Long pants require something breezy for the top part with a material that won’t make me feel too hot. Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not. Most of the “breezy” garments are kind of see-through so I have to wear another top under it. It took me some time to realize that it really depends on the material I go for when it comes to my summer pieces. For me personally items made out of cotton like this one I saw on the Esprit Website (which is similar to the one I’m wearing in my picture) are not only a perfect choice for hot summer days but perfect for my every day office looks.


Since most of the offices here are air-conditioned I tend to still wear a light piece on top just in case it get’s a little too cold in the office. In my picture you can see me wearing a Kimono I’ve got a few years ago but I feel like this summer I might be on the floral sight and definitely am thinking about going with this piece right here. I also feel like this Kimono-Jacket is perfect for any occasion like a wedding, garden party or just a nice walk through the city on a summer night. Pieces like this one make fashion in summer a little bit more fun for me again, since I really struggled with always being so heated up from the inside.


Speaking of fun: If you take a closer look at my photo, I tend to wear pants or denims, that are a little bit more playful when it comes to cuts or details. The one I wear has a wider leg but when I was looking for some inspiration for this look, since the pieces I’m wearing are a bit older, I saw this culotte denim with the destroyed bottom part right here. I love that you can find good quality denims for a good price and I definitely saw some other lighter culottes, that I will definitely get my hands on within the next days.

*paid cooperation with Esprit

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