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So this is the last part of our little shoot. For me it’s important to let you know that this lady plays
and important role to ONEFAUXSEVEN. Katja joined TEAMOFS from day one.
 She started this thing with me from the very beginning by
pushing me and taking this wonderful pictures. Katja is also a very fashionable girl. The funny thing
is that we have a lot of similar or even the same clothes but we never would wear the same shoes to
one outfit. And because she’s the reason for making me look good on pictures (at least I hope I do
look okay lol), her opinion is a very important one to me.






I know Katja for more than 10 years now and we all know that times change. We all have different
plans. We study different things, we have different work hours. So this blog gives us the opportunity
to spend more time together – and that is actually one of the best parts of this blog.
Besides drinkin’ coffee and going shopping together, we’ve found
something, that we both enjoy. I also take her with me when I get jobs for C&L and she does an
amazing job taking the pictures while I interview people.I thought it’s time to show you her style just because she is another inspiration to what I do.




pictures by Jimbeam Villacorte (from ‘The Class of Classy’ post).

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