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“Anything but low key”. That’s what popped right into my head while thinking about how to describe this outfit. Sometimes I just like my outfits to be kinda remarkable but safe enough to dress down in case I might feel uncomfortable because I might be overdressed for the occasion. Well, I challenged myself: In my opinion Esprit is a label that is quite underrated. Especially since the collaboration with Open Ceremony the label proved, that its not the old-fashioned label that some people think it is. So I challenged myself to recreate this outfit with items from their online shop.



If would wear the exact same outfit in London or Milan, would people stare at me like they did here? I guess not. I really felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the at the same time wearing this outfit. Why? Because it is exactly my style and probably does not fit into Austria’s standards. Strolling around in Vienna with this outfit was okay but I already felt kind a bit uneasy with some people giving me the side eye. Still, I saw that coming so it was fine for me. On this day we decided to take a little trip to one of Lower Austria’s district capital towns and that was a whole nother story for me. I felt like a spoiled brat that was lost and was too dumb to use google maps (well, sometimes I am though).




Having late lunch in a small restaurant in this little hicksville I already felt all the glimpses when I walked in. To my surprise people there were reacting positive and were smiling at me. I guess we are all surrounded by so much negativity that we already expect people to react negative to us. Anyways. As I already mentioned at the beginning, I like to make sure that when I wear outfits that take getting used to, I already want it to be easy to dress down a bit in case of any occasion. Feeling comfortable does not always go along with being dressed appropriate for any occasion always. In this case I paired a quite casual look with this key-piece: a multi-colored faux fur jacket. This jacket adds a lot more life to this outfit. Taking the jacket off, you still have a pretty decent but stylish look with the layer of two blouses with different lengths.





I was looking for some xmas and new year’s eve outfits the other day and also checked out Esprit because my mom always finds a lot of cute glittery tops there. I personally think that they really have become younger and a bit more sassy now. That’s why I wanted to recreate this outfit with products by Esprit only. Take a look on my choices below. What do you think? I’m definitely going to get this bag now! Brb, shopping.


jeans here
blouse here
jacket here
boots here
bag here
sunnies here or here

Photos: Bryan Dave Mendoza
Creative Head: Lance Mendoza



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