I’ve watched Gossip Girl a bunch of times from the beginning ’til the end and I always loved Blair Waldorf. Somehow I was thinking of her character when I saw this wonderful coat by Salvatore Ferragamo. There was this picture in my head of how she would have worn this knee length coat with a cute dress, tights with an extraordinary pattern and some cute and eye-catching headpiece.


ferragamo-coat-1If someone would ask me how I would describe my style, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. I always like to answer that question with the following sentence: A mix of Blair Waldorf and the Off-Duty Jessica Stam. I love to wear dresses and very feminine pieces, especially when I’m at work. Since I hardly wear any sneakers (except they have glitter on it), I can clearly say, that I like my outfits to be classy but with a little twist. I could totally imagine wearing this coat in a typical Blair Waldorf combination, which would be perfect for office days. But sometimes I feel like outfits shouldn’t be predictable. For me personally, that is actually the point of fashion. It doesn’t mean that every outfit has to be super crazy and unusual. Just bringing another twist into your combination, so others would not expect you to wear it like that is already fun enough. That’s why I went with culottes and an A-cut blouse that almost looks like a dress instead of just wearing a dress, which probably would have been the easier solution. The culottes are just a little element that I totally are not necessary for the look but bring exactly that twist into my outfit. The twist I was talking about.

blair-waldorf-moschino-coat-12So for this outfit combination I was totally inspired by the character of Blair Waldorf. But still, I think I managed to change that look into something, that is just more me. Would Queen B rock my kind of combination? Probably. But still, it would completely be a different style and no one would label it as a typical Blair Waldorf look then. Well, at least I think so. For the coat I really love the colors. Timeless and elegant. The details just make me weak.

blair-waldorf-ferragamo-coat-14 blair-waldorf-ferragamo-coat-15

Not only do I love Blair Waldorf because of her style but also because of the character in this series. Even though she seems really cold-hearted at the very beginning, caring too much about fame and what people think of her, you can always see how she would kill for people she loves. She is the best example of “tough on the outside, soft on the inside”. She always says what she thinks. She seems to have everything but still is longing for something money can’t buy. True friendship, love and honesty. She is not afraid to follow her dreams.

blair-waldorf-ferragamo-coat-16 blair-waldorf-ferragamo-coat-17 blair-waldorf-ferragamo-coat-21 blair-waldorf-ferragamo-coat-22

photos: Kirstin Claudine Dabu

wearing// coat SALVATORE FERRAGAMO a-cut blouse VINTAGE top ZARA culottes similar here hat some BOUTIQUE in florence similar here bag MOSCHINO

big thanks and support to Popp & Kretschmer


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