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A few days ago we celebrated the christening of my cousins baby. When I was asked to be the her god mother I was really flattered because I was one of the two the parents chose to trust their child.
It is not my first time to be asked to be the god mother of someone’s child. But most of my god children live in the Philippines and have about ten to twenty god parents. So it felt kind of different being the one that is part of leading someone to choose the right way, and actually see them grow up or grow at all.



It didn’t take that long when I had to take the first challenge. I wanted her to receive a gift for me that was special. Not only special for the occasion but a gift for life. I was thinking about what my god parents gave me. So I decided I would go with jewelry. Something that she could wear a lifetime. I once received a bracelet with an engraving of my name and I still wear it. So that exactly what I did. I looked into online shops and then remembered that there was this store called CHRIST that I passed by the other day.


Still, I wasn’t satisfied with only her name engraved into that bracelet. I wanted my god child to look at that bracelet knowing that I would always be someone to be there for her – even in bad times. So I decided to go with a bracelet that had a little angel charm on it.
I hope that one day this gift will also have the same meaning to her like the gifts that I received from my god parents gave me for my christening.

Christening Gift

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