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When it comes to dressing you either will see me wearing something all black or something really colorful. I always loved the challenge of combining pieces and put them into one outfit. But I also hated the part when it came to combining colors. Why? The answer is pretty simple. I always have phases where I have a thing for a specific color. So even if I would try to combine colors, I would only combine one color in different shades.


Presenting all black outfits on the blog can be a bit boring. Even if I show you guys different pieces, I think it’s important to find something, that catches your eye immediately. There will always be days where you will see me wearing all blacks cause for me it’s the easiest way to mix up classy & hood with also being sure that you’re not dressed inappropriate for any occasion. But for me it feels like presenting you black and white pictures only. They can look good, but still colors bring a little more life to everything. When I found this street art by Jerson Jimenez in Vienna I knew that this would be the backdrop I want to take my next ouftit pictures. His art is so alive and reminded me of something from the past.


I think of this old colorful jumpers my cousins and I had to wear to school when we didn’t have to wear our uniform. When I think of colors I think of the logo jumpers of esprit that I fell back in love with about half a year ago. When I think of colors I think of my childhood. I think of my past. When I think of colors I also think of Esprit and what about their change of style. A few weeks ago I was in the showroom checking out some of the new pieces I saw in the lookbook and I would not have guessed that the pieces were by Esprit. I really like how they are becoming younger and fresher without forgetting about the average mom only looking for the most comfortable pieces of clothing. I loved the collaboration with opening ceremony and I am really excited about the upcoming collaborations. For me Esprit is a blast from the past and I am excited about what kind of surprises we get in the future.

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