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Good morning from London!
I can’t believe it’s already been two years since my first post here on ONEFAUXSEVEN. Yaaap, please join me to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my baby. Oh, how time flies. I remember shooting my first outfit two years ago. I never felt that uncomfortable in my own skin up to that day. People stopping by and looking at you and thinking ‘what the hell is she doing’. Posing in front of people you don’t know and actually worrying too much about what others think. I still remember how it felt like it was yesterday. Now I can tell you that with every time shooting a new outfit, I feel like I gain more and more confidence. I grew while I watched my baby grow up. Two years ago my ‘baby’ was like almost every new born. Cute to look at. And this cuteness was kind of entertaining. My baby couldn’t speak back then. It had the need to say something, but simply couldn’t. But then, months later, my baby was able to speak its first words. It started to speak for itself. A child this age wears its heart on its sleeve. Being two years old is an emotional state. A state where expressing emotions is a good thing. My baby build up an own opinion. And behind this opinion there’s me, growing with my baby day by day. The mother that learns how much responsibility and time it takes to feed a baby so it can grow to something unique, something soulful and something to be proud of. Something that’s part of you. It’s never easy to raise a child – it’s not easy to blog. My baby started walking. With its first steps OFS had its first jobs. Like a mother, I now look at my two year old child everyday and I can definitely tell y’all that I am very proud of what it became up to this point. A mother has to learn a lot. Day by day. And so do I as the author of this blog. I know that I am still far away from running this thing professionally, or that the decisions that I make for this blog are not always the best. So that’s why I am happy to have my family around me. My OFSfamily, that helps me raise my baby. Two years ago it was only me and this new born little thing. Now, I can proudly say that twelve people have been involved in this journey of OFS. That’s why I wanna take advantage of this opportunity to introduce you to my TEAM OFS. So for this occasion I asked teamOFS to put together an outfit that they would pick in connection to ONEFAUXSEVEN. Let’s take a look at who and what we got here:

Katja was the very first person to join teamOFS. I still remember having coffee with her when I shyly asked her, if she would be down if I would start this blog. Ever since, she was and still is doing a great job taking pictures not only for OFS, but also for the other jobs we did together for the C&L magazine.


Kirstin, my not so little baby cousin, saw an opportunity in doing some outfit shoots with me ’cause she’s into photography and looking for some projects for her portfolio. Well, she is one of those people who think it’s easy to be in front of the camera, always telling me to not make such a fuss of being photographed. Well, this time, when I asked her to pick an outfit for this occasion, she texted me that it actually is not that easy to be in front of the camera. Lesson learned, dearest cousin.




Jim Beam is the all-rounder of teamOFS. How it all started? I asked him to join for a menswear post because of his good sense of style. Having an eye for what we are actually doing for OFS, he started to help out giving good advice during the outfit shootings and also ended up taking pictures for OFS from time to time.


Emina is actually the one that I count on, when it comes to being critical of something. I know that  she shares her honest opinion with me and that’s exactly what I need. Her attention to detail is what I’m lacking in. I am happy that she re-roused her passion into photography again and never fails to show her joy in working on new OFS projects with me. Further, she is one of my fave accessories. If you already checked out my last posts, you should already know that 🙂




Lance is the one that pushes me to adhere to deadlines. Funny thing that he’s the only one who didn’t manage to take a picture for the 2year anniversary of OFS. Too bad because you already know that I’m a big fan of his unique sense of style. Well, it bears repeating I know, but this dude is the creative mastermind of all time. Everytime I fall into despair, he always manages to help out with his weird working brain. But still, his menswear post for OFS  we did together , is one auf my favorite posts so far. And I know that he’s proud of it too. So instead of taking a look of what kind of outfit he would  have picked in connection with OFS,  let’s reminisce of what he already was wearing for the blog.  I’m sure we’ll catch up pretty soon with a new outfit.

Well, well. There’s this one guy that I wanna introduce to you. He’s not been seen on the blog yet. Marc is the one who joined teamOFS lately and I am really glad that I got to work with him because his skills as a photographer are truly amazing. I was a fan of his work from the very beginning since I’ve known him for like ten years or more now, and I am very happy that he agreed to join teamOFS. He’s the one that took the pictures of Dominik for the GENERATION NOT SO QUIET post and my WHY PLAYING SAFE IS NOT MY THING post, I published last month. I am beyond excited to work on some little projects with this guy. Welcome aboard, Marc!


Looking at these pictures, I was also looking for the central theme of all the outfits they picked. I asked them to pick something, that they connect with OFS. Different styles are coming together, different skills are the result of one project. I still didn’t find the one thing that they all have in common regarding the outfits. But I found the common ground of my teamOFS: I’ve known every single member of teamOFS for years now, so I can call them my FAMILY. The OFS family, that helps me raise my baby and puts the same effort into this blog as I do. Sometimes even more than I do. I’m not quite sure what this blog has to offer in the future. What I know is, that i love to invest my time in ONEFAUXSEVEN. I’m sure that I like to maintain this little project, not only because it has become a part of me, but also because it allows me to spend my time working with these wonderful people I just introduced you to.

At this point I consider it my duty to thank every single one of you for joining me on my OFSjourney. Thank you teamOFS. I also would like to thank every one who already was part of an OFS outfit shooting and of course: A BIG THANKS goes out to all my readers.  I owe it all to you. To those who visit the blog and read what I post.  I am looking  forward to another year of ONEFAUXSEVEN.

Much love! & see u soon <3

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