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Christmas is around the corner. And I am really happy about the fact, that I get to spend that time with my family. Even when I lived in Berlin, I flew back home to spend the holidays with my family in Vienna. Some of you might take this for granted, but I once had a job, where it wasn’t always possible to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s eve exactly how you would manage it…

xmas-outfit-ofs-6As some of you may know I worked at a Hotel for three years. A time that really influenced everything that happened right after. As a person I learned to be more patient. I’ve learned that you don’t have to put up with everything and everyone in life. I also experienced what it means to take on greater responsibility. Being responsible for our schedule was one of the hardest tasks for me. Not because I didn’t know how to manage our shifts, but because I really had to make decisions that were fair decisions for the whole team. And that really wasn’t easy. Especially when I knew that me and another person would ask for the same day off and I knew I could easily give that other person that shift. Acting the right way also meant taking the late-night shifts on xmas-eve or the early morning shifts on the 1st of january. But that wasn’t quite the problem…

xmas-outfit-ofs-13It also means that I was not able to spend all that time with my family. There was even one time where I was all alone in our back office and the stroke of midnight on new years eve while everyone in the lobby was celebrating and my co-workers were busy providing our guests good service. And yes. I cried. But the important thing here is, that they came to me right after they found some time because I couldn’t leave my desk because the phone was ringing non-stop. Yes, I was working at the Hilton Vienna. And believe me. When they talk about their team members as Hilton Family it’s because the co-workers there kind of become your second family. And Hilton Hotels also became my second home. If hotel business was the thing I was going for I definitely wouldn’t have left the Hilton Family. I still love to visit my ex-co workers. The more happy and excited I was to shoot my xmas outfit at the Hilton Vienna Plaza this time. I love this hotel. The design is just amazing. After the renovation it became like a spot where they would shoot scenes for gossip girl. Anyways. This is my xmas outfit. I decided that this year I would not buy a whole new outfit but look for something that I already have in my closet. Well, surprise. I went with an all black one (even mom says that I shouldn’t wear black on xmas). But I felt like that I would not have any other occasion where I would wear this sequins top. And what I like about this outfit is, that even if I take my shoes off at my aunts crib for our yearly xmas celebration, my xmas outfit wouldn’t get ruined – thanks to that oversized length of my palazzo pants that you for sure already have seen in other posts here.

xmas-outfit-ofs-18 xmas-outfit-ofs-7I really am thankful that I have a job, where I am free on public holidays and special occasions. And I respect everyone who has a job, where this isn’t possible. For gifts, I really haven’t started yet to be honest. But maybe I’ll try to get some vouchers for the special offers like brunch, festive dinners etc. that they have. I’ve always wanted to try all of these things when I was still working there but didn’t have the time to do so. So now it’s about time…

xmas-outfit-ofs-9 xmas-outfit-ofs-10
xmas-outfit-ofs-14 xmas-outfit-ofs-15 xmas-outfit-ofs-16

wearing // sequins top MANGO palazzo pants MANGO blazer VINTAGE clutch SHISEIDO (it was a giveaway) shoes MANGO

photos: DEEA / Les Factory Femmes show my fab girls some love


Thank you Hilton Vienna! Forever in my heart <3

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