Today marks three years of ONEFAUXSEVEN and I couldn’t be happier at the moment while welcoming all of you to a new website with a new design. But that’s not all. Some of you already might have noticed that I decided to move back to Vienna after being away from home for seven months. Though I’ve been blogging for the third year now, I see this re-launch as a new and fresh start. I’m excited to tell you that some things have changed – including me. As ONEFAUXSEVEN has always been reflecting my personality there is no better timing to transfuse the changes of my personality to the blog. This blog was always something that I used as a platform to share my personal thoughts and passion. Still there was something missing: me. I was absent without meaning to. There were times where I’ve been lacking on motivation and ideas and I’ve always been a bit reluctant sharing my thoughts and believing in myself. That has to do with the fact that I wasn’t quite sure how to label what I was doing. ONEFAUXSEVEN started as a fashion blog but there was still so much more to it. And there was me ... holding everything back.

Here I am now with a new motivational push giving this blog the dedication it deserves.

ONEFAUXSEVEN is still a fashion and lifestyle blog. The only thing that has changed is my definition of it. There will be different point of views and I will try to keep shootings more pretentious. The content will be something,  people will have different opinions on. They will have different point of views. Fashion exists in things we still don’t see. With all of you together, I want fashion not to be only present but to be breathtaking while we explore everything around it.

For me, I promised myself to be more present and use the impact that others have to me as a source of motivation and inspiration. Further there will be new categories on this blog. The Art Of Seven will be published every 7th of the month from now on (today is an exception of course). This posts will be unlike my common fashion, beauty or lifestyle posts inspire by different things. Some will be very simple and some will be very challenging. With that said I start this category with a collage reflecting everything I want to say: Different pieces that make me whole, my point of view that has slightly changed and that there is always more than one side of every story. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this and would even more love to read your interpretations on this and upcoming posts.

At this point I still want to thank everyone for supporting and encouraging me for the past three years. (Readers, friends & family and other bloggers who keep inspiring me).

Don’t underestimate the work of anyone, cause everyone can be someone you have to rely on. I want to thank everyone who helped me to publish this new website and I hope you all will enjoy ONEFAUXSEVEN 2.0.

Much love,


Photos: Marie Louise Faderan
Edited by: Yasmeen Dabu


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