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Do I feel weird posting this outfit, while everyone is wrapped up in their coats and scarfs? A little. Did I enjoy last days of summer? Yes. As you may know I just came back from a trip to Valencia and on my first day I put on this outfit. Black. White. All quite simple. It turned out not to be the best decision on that day.

valencia-layers-ofs-8valencia-layers-ofs-7I felt good and really liked how this outfit turned out. It looks simple but actually I am wearing four freakin’ layers. The weather in Valencia was trying to play us. We were hoping and praying for the perfect beach weather and every day it turned out to be way too cold. Yes cold. But only until about 1PM. Which is exactly the time, where you change your plans depending on the weather. Still, we were heading to the beach and I was expecting us to be there for a walk on the promenade for about an hour and then head to the city center to stroll around. Since we had our swimwear on underneath just to be sure (thank god), we decided to stay at the beach. “Turns out to be a perfect day at the beach.” That’s what I was thinking until I realized that I had to take off my suede boots and walk through the hot sand. Barefoot. “Things could be worse”. Wrong again. Look at my bag. Does it look like my sunscreen does fit in there? And let’s not even start with all the white pieces I had to take care of at the beach.


I tend to wear outfits that are either uncomfortable. Or if they are comfortable they are not appropriate or at least not suitable for the given activity. I think that is one of my weaknesses. In this case we were already wearing our swimwear underneath, just in case the weather should be nice. Right approach. Still, I insisted on wearing my boots, this bag and layers of any number. I already mentioned a few times that I don’t always wear the most comfortable clothes. Well, maybe they aren’t. But I feel comfortable in the outfits that I pick. And If I would have worn only the dress without layering the blouse and the top,  and if I would have paired the dress with flip-flops, I would have felt not only uncomfortable but also unconfident. In this case I can say: Not the best idea. Maybe a bad idea. And yes, I brought it all to myself. But still. I felt pretty good in my T-Swifty outfit.








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