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I think I found my new happy place. A place I could stay forever. This was by far my favorite part of our vacation in Valencia. That is why I saved this post until the end. Why did I fell in love with this place? Not only that the entire complex of the City of Arts and Sciences has an amazing architecture, but also there’s simply room for everyone and everything.


That’s why this place felt like home. Cidudad de las Artes y de las Ciencas. The City of Arts and Sciences offers room and inspiration for people who are interested in different things. It’s a place where creatives as well as science lovers both find their kind of inspiration. But isn’t art science as well? And isn’t science a different kind of art for science lovers? Can you still follow me? What I am trying to say is that it is a normal thing, that different people have different kind of interests. Still, I feel like Vienna is far away from providing room for everyone. Vienna is a beautiful city. A city full of different people with different characters. Also Vienna is a city, where people with green hair are still labelled as ‘punks’. A city where people that wear dressing gowns as statement pieces are still labelled as ignorant. A city where people with overweight are still called irresponsible. A city full of people who still have to deal with the problem of limiting themselves in projecting who they really are because of the fear of not fitting into the standards of this city. Clearly, I am tired of that.

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We are all tempted to leave our comfort zone and dare to be ourselves. We are tempted to do things, we wouldn’t do because our common sense is telling us not to. We are all tempted to wear outfits that are much louder than the ones we are currently taking out on the streets. So when exactly are we all ready to dare to decide against that black outfit with a pop of color, just to make sure that nobody is judging us, and wear what we actually feel comfortable in? That, ladies and gents is the point. Some of us would feel comfortable in crazy outfits that would express ourselves way better. Outfits that would reflect our conditions. But still we feel uncomfortable wearing them at the same time because of the fact that this city is not giving us enough room to be ourselves. No approval. No understanding. No sympathy. Not yet. I have to say, that it has gotten better over the years. But when exactly has it become more important to fit in, than feeling comfortable in my own skin? Who exactly gave all of us the right to judgmentally roll our eyes to express our aversion to change or even new things. Cause that expression might not be a big deal for each and everyone of us. But every little expression is stopping a single person to be a 100% who he or she is. And it sums up to a whole city at a certain point.

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The best example. We see it every single day. Hate comments. Comments of people judging other people. And I am the last person that’s not guilty as charged. But within the last year I’ve really tried to shut the fuck up. How about this? If we don’t have something nice to say, let’s just say nothing about it and let others be. If we can do this, I really think we are one step closer to giving each and everyone room to just be themselves in a city that we all love. Let’s create a happy place for everyone by giving everyone the room we all need.


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