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There’s a thing about old towns that I can’t describe. Not only that they are picture-perfect in every way but there’s something appealing about talking a walk through an old town. Something that blows me away. Maybe it’s the charm that makes me forget about everything around me. Or maybe it’s the fact that there’s a lot of history, a lot of stories an old town has to tell.

OFS_Dots_Old Town-2 OFS_Dots_Oldtown-3 OFS_Dots_Oldtown-4
Finding the perfect location to shoot is a big deal for bloggers. I think that one really can’t go wrong with a alleyway of an old town. For me it represents an incredible scenic beauty and the perfect backdrop for my pictures. Another big deal for me is to find the perfect outfit. Not the perfect outfit to wear. But the one to shoot for my blog. Is there any difference? There was one a long time ago. There are pieces that I love to wear. But I felt like it was really such a big deal when my outfits were on repeat. When I started my blog I was always looking out for new pieces and bought new clothes almost every week. Time has changed. And my priorities have changed too. Tidying out my closet a bunch of times now, I realized that I owned a lot of pieces that still had the price tag on it and I ended up wearing them not even once. Then there are those pieces that I wore only for my pictures. The pieces that have just been gathering dust since they were pretty but uncomfortable. This jumper is one of the pieces of clothing that I haven’t worn for quite some time now. Because it had too much recognition value to wear it over and over again – even if it’s one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own. But some things just never loose their beauty or appeal. Like the scenery of an old town, the sound of the sea or some pieces that might not be everyones cup of tea when they are worn too often. So what? Yes, my jumper is #ONREPEAT. And you will see a lot of pieces on the blog many times. Cause simple as it is. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

OFS_Dots_Oldtown-5 OFS_Dots_Old Town -8 OFS_Dots_Old town-9

Photos: Marc Cortez
wearing// pants (jumpsuit) MANGO jumper old similar here and here loafers similar here


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