Yep. If there’s one that totally makes me weak it’s not a new pair of shoes or a new bag, like most of you would think. At least these things are not to rank first when it comes to my little weakness. I’m a sucker for jackets and coats … and I do have a lot of them. By a lot I mean that about 60% of my whole wardrobe is filled with different kinds and colors of jackets.

winter-coats-onefauxseven-1winter-coats-onefauxseven-4Some of you will say, that it’s not that unusual so what’s the big deal. When I like the style or the cut of a jacket, I’m really tempted to buy them in more than one color. When I travelled to Milan one time for a 4-day trip I brought 6 different jackets and coats with me. Just to be sure. There’s nothing worse for me than wearing the same jacket every single day – especially throughout the winter. I feel like it looks like you don’t change clothes at all. So my closet is full of jackets, and especially coats are really bulky. As soon as I start clearing out my wardrobe I eliminate everything but not my jackets. From this it follows that I still have all my jackets but nothing to wear underneath. When I go shopping I forget to look for basics, tops, blouses. Most of the time I only go shopping for all these things and end up buying a new jacket (or two ;P).



I am really trying to cut my jacket / coat consumption right now. Some of you may know that I have a lot of really colorful coats in my coat collection but right now I try to look for something timeless and decent (aaaand that’s me lying to myself again because this thought just crossed my mind: I just bought this bomber yesterday haha). Anyways. This black coat I’m wearing is one of my all time favorites. I bought it a few years ago. I have to admit that I have it in three different colors (red and camel), but the cut is a classy and timeless one. The only thing is that I am looking for something more oversized and longer now – something like this. When it comes to looking for different styles and labels I like to take a look at the new online-shop of Peek & Cloppenburg. I feel like they have a variety of styles that are still timeless. I personally prefer wool coats because I feel like downy feather anoraks are not really my style. I also have just one downy feather jacket that kind of looks like this one but I only wear it as a last resort when it’s really really reaaaaalllyy cold. But in case you prefer not to freeze your ass off during winter minus degrees days, and you are more the downy feather kind of type just take a look here. I’m sure you’ll find something. I, anyhow managed to fall in love with a few coats from the wool section within seconds ;P

winter-coats-onefauxseven-3 winter-coats-onefauxseven-2
Right now I’m really tempted to put some of these amazing coats in my shopping cart. And I am really striving against myself right now. But anyways … Since my cousin and I always have to make a stop at P&C every year when all the christmas craze is going on, I am really happy that I can now have a look at the online shop. Have you already started xmas shopping? Oh, and another thought just crossed my mind. Are y’all planning on going crazy on Black Friday Sale? ;P

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photos: Zeki from thatblogthing.com

*In friendly cooperation with Peek & Cloppenburg


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