While my other blogger colleagues are already enjoying their playful combinations and interpretations of marine looks for fall, I was lucky enough to enjoy a week of summer while I was on vacation. Back in Vienna I realize that it’s about time to post that late summer outfits of mine, that I shot the past week, because fall is going to be here anytime (weather wise). What I did for this look is actually easy: I overslept. ;P

marine-look-onefauxseven-1 marine-look-onefauxseven-2I combined two pieces that I wear a lot. A black and white striped shirt and my blue jumpsuit. To be honest, this was a 3 minute shoot while I was waiting for my cab. And also not really a well thought-out look. As usual I was sleeping longer than I should and had to get ready within ten minutes. Still, this look turned out to be one, that I really like. I like the fact that I just put two random pieces that I really love together and it turned out to be a good idea. Even though I wear these basic pieces a lot separately, I would not have thought that I like the combination of the two pieces. Guess being a sleepyhead can be a good thing from time to time.

marine-summer-look-onefauxseven-3 marine-summer-look-onefauxseven-4

But isn’t it exactly about things like this? Finding pieces that you would not have taken out of your closet any time soon or ever again. And out of a sudden there is something attractive to it again that you can’t describe. Months ago I thought that this striped shirt would end up as my pyjama shirt. A few weeks ago I really was sick of seeing this jumpsuit I was wearing three months non-stop because it was light enough to survive summer. Plus I would never have thought that I would enjoy the marine summer look /sailor summer look without feeling like I’m dressed up for carnival.


wearing// head to toe MANGO

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