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‘I have this vision in my head. It’s like a blurred picture that is already finished artwork and I didn’t even start with the sketch.’ 

How many times did I say this to my friends before starting a new project. The good thing about what I’m doing is that there are always new tasks and challenges you have to deal with. I still remember sketching some dresses just for fun when I was ten years old and my dad asked me if I did the sketches. I answered him with a proud ‘yes’ cause I saw that he liked what I drew on that sheet of paper.


When I look at these sketches now I feel kind of sick because I realized that they were awful and my dad just wanted to be nice to me, haha! Anyways. I believe that there are many girls that have always dreamt of being a designer. I always like to compare this girl’s dream job to always wanting to be a princess when we were all little kids. I have to admit that I also was dreaming of being a fashion designer one day BUT this dream did not last long. It didn’t take me long to realize that there are many people out there rocking that thing, and that it is really a hard thing to get inspired, create pieces that are on point. I think the hardest part is getting inspiration without imitating others (too much). I have so much respect for everyone who rocks that job that I am not in the position to ever dream of being a fashion designer again.


Not wearing size small can give me really hard times. Especially when you see all your colleagues in this business rocking the hottest pieces they got from the showroom, realizing that you will definitely not fit into that – or maybe just with one arm. That’s why I was always attracted to custom-tailored suits and dresses. Why? Because I wear size me. I wear the size that’s just made for me, I can custom the pieces so that they are just like a second skin. Well, since I also have to work for my money this version of dressing up can get pricey.


Wearing size me means being me. And sometimes other people do bring the best out of you. I’m not sure if you already saw a few snippets of what was going on the past weeks but I am happy to tell you that I am part of the BIG FIVE campaign in collaboration with COMEPASS together with these other unique bloggers: BOWSESSED, VRBANDIARIES, UNDERTHESKIN & DREH- UND ANGELPUNKT. 5 individuals, 5 disciplines. We already had fun shooting this video you might have seen already. I’m really excited to work together with these peepz for the next few months. So what’s the deal? Why am I part of all this? What exactly do is fashioncut? I would be really shady of I wouldn’t tell you, huh? So please keep on reading 🙂


Literally. The little girl that was experimenting in sketching dresses meets the big girl that often doesn’t fit into the pieces that desire her heart. What do I mean by that? Who still remembers MTV’s ‘MADE’. Yep. I wanna be made, haha. I am happy to announce that I will collaborate with two bomb fashion designers, Melo Michele Manera & Goran Bugaric (Instagram @bugaric) to create my own collection together with people that know what it takes to do all of this. As I said in the very beginning. I have this picture in mind, that is now a finished picture at all yet. Believe me, I am just as curious as all of you about the final result. Just in time for a upcoming big event I am attending where I will definitely present the creations. We already had our first meeting at the wonderful Atelier Schnittbogen which by the way feels like home – a home of so many creatives. I’m really excited to get inspired!

Stay tuned for more. This journey will be a challenge with a difference – that’s for sure! I am excited to take you all with me! Make sure to join us to see how we manage our challenges on MAXIMA and don’t forget to always grab the latest issue! 

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