With all the things that are going on in life, sometimes we get lost. If others around me have the problem of escaping the bubble they’re in, I need to find the way back to my bubble. I am not complaining about everything good that is happening in life, and I am also not complaining about the time I need to invest in all these things. I just know that I sometimes need a day or two to find myself, free myself just to be myself.




It’s important that you find out things about yourself and actually find yourself. It helps a lot to push all the negativity that you might feel away and turn it into that consciousness that only you are responsible for everything that is going on in that part of your life right now. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of my goals and dreams lately. Some dreams that I am already living, some that just got bigger and others I’m not quite sure about being part of my big dream anymore. For me it’s the most important thing to keep that mental picture right in front of me just to not get lost in everything that I’m doing. I’ve found out that the bitch in me is always showing when I’m not sure about what I’m doing. The bitch in me that ruins not only my day but also the day of everyone around me. How do I try to find myself? I try to cut myself off a little bit and find my way back to my own bubble. Even if it’s only a day in a beautiful hotel. Like for instance the Motel One Vienna Staatsoper. Believe it or not. Yes. You can escape and find yourself in a hotel like this one. You might think that that kind of place might be too crowded. I even managed to find that quiet place in this wonderful hotel away from other guests, just because I needed that break. I just escaped into this hallway apart from the main hallway of the hotel and even got inspired.




One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life so far. Sometimes you gotta free yourself. For me this was the hardest part. I used to grow up as an only child. So that’s why I was always looking out for having a lot of people around me. The hardest part for me was to accept the truth about the fact, that a hand full of close friends are better than having a whole crowd behind you. It also meant letting myself free from people that really got closer than anybody else to me but were stopping me in a way that I can barely explain. And it is surely not about reducing the people in your life. It’s about realizing who and what is good for you. I have a bunch of projects going on, started studying again and then I have this very personal project – my blog. I’ve never imagined thinking about shutting this blog down until a few weeks ago. When I had to realize that maybe I have too much on my plate right now. “I’m not a quitter” – that’s exactly what I was thinking. But is it worth the pressure when you don’t even enjoy anything of what you are doing just because you’re doing too much? Well, I love to compare this situation to jewelry. There are times – special occasions – where you just have to go with something big. A lot. The more the merrier. Just to make a statement. And then there are every day situations where simplicity is just the key. Exactly what I think about life right now. I’m not saying that I go for the less is more version in life right now. But I’m just trying to find the healthy balance of both. Just like the wonderful Swarovski necklace I’m wearing: simple but expressive.




And after taking your much needed emotional break, that you just need from time to time. Just be yourself. Another lesson that accompanied me for the last years. It is harder to adjust to everything and everyone every single time than to just be you. Believe me. It’s a hard thing to do but it pays off. There are people that might not be a fan of who you are. But it’s more important to remind yourself that there are for sure other people that just like to think in a way like you do.

With all this in mind, I wish you a good start into a new week! xx


Photos: Bryan Dave Mendoza
Creative Direction: Lance Mendoza
Special Thanks to: Motel One Wien Staatsoper and Swarvoski

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