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If you live in Vienna and you love posting your outfits it is a kind of mandatory thing to take your
photos at MQ at least once in your life. So this is what I did after seeing the doctor the other day.

I just felt like wearing cooler tones that day so I went for my electric blue blazer and paired it with
a simple white tee. I wore my printed shorts to this basic white tee to bring a little life to this outfit.
Even if I would take off my blazer it would still look colorful enough.




The rooney sunnies were just the perfect pair to round up this simple but colorful outfit. To add a
little drama I wore my current fave statement necklace to fill up the upper section and make my
basic choices look more fancy. Not only that I have a thing for silver accessories at the moment
but I wanted to stick to the blue undertone and I felt like something gold just wouldn’t work.







I loved that my outfit were matching the ‘enzies’. <3





These metallic sandals are just everything for stepping up the outfit game without having to wear
heels. <3
wearing blazer MANGO basic white tee, shorts H&M sandals STRADIVARIUS sunnies SUNNIES BY CHARLIE necklace SM ACCESSORIES PHIL
pictures by Kirstin Dabu

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