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I’m back with another outfit and I’m wearing one piece that is a total beauty and brings along one big problem: almost everyone owns it. Walking down the streets of Vienna I realized that every other woman is wearing this beautiful camel coat I picked up from Mango lately. And I’ve seen  a lot of women wearing it before I bought it already. That didn’t stop me from still buying it.  Even the nice fashion consultants tried to keep me off from purchasing one of their best sellers. As this was the last piece they had in store I decided to still go for it. Let’s be honest: There’s always one piece of a season that everyone has an eye on. If you like it wear it. If others have it, I really don’t care (anymore). I think that if I would care and wouldn’t want others to have the same garments, I really would or should have started this fashion blog where I (at least try to) post my outfits on a regular basis.


I think that if you try to combine your pieces differently and your game is strong at it, there’s a chance that no one will even notice that you’re wearing the same piece as the other person, even if you would stand next to this person. Well, it’s a bit difficult to do that with a coat as this is like a key piece to  your whole outfit. Anyways…


I’m wearing an all black outfit again, just because this is my to-go thing. Pulling off that all black thingy will look like you actually put at least some effort in your outfit even if you didn’t. Combing your hair will make it even more credible. I mean it. There are times where I forget to comb mine :/ And there are just these days where you really don’t have the time to think about your looks or what you’re wearing. I think we all do have bigger problems in life. If not, you’re a lucky ass bitch. But  making our outfit to one of our daily problems can be fun sometimes, right? My lazy days are mostly those when I have to take my courses. I really hate wasting my good outfits or items just for 1- 2 hours of boredom interesting lectures, which are fyi all taking place early in the morning. Then  again, I like to be spontaneous and sometimes I grab coffee or have lunch with friends afterwards all unplanned and in that case I don’t like the feeling of being underdressed and wearing the boring look all day long.


So as you see here, I tried to dress up my simple and basic turtle neck with my faux leather vest, just to make it a bit more interesting, which is always the fun part. Topping it off with my lovely camel  coat I am ready to go.


What’s your opinion on having similar clothes to the rest of the population? LOL. Are you fine with wearing the same garments that almost everyone in town has or would you keep your fingers off it?
Let me know what you think! Wishin’ y’all a wonderful weekend. xx
Photos: Katja K. Sabando
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