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Not sure if this one counts as an outfit post but here is what I wore on my 2nd day in santorini when I was heading to the beach:

Actually I just packed some basics because I don’t give a damn if these pieces get ruined. I mean, … I didn’t want to wear my best blouses and tops to the beach just to be upset at the end of the day because all the sun-oil, salt water and sand got all over it.

So I ordered these super comfy basic tee from Mango in pink, black and white and I really love the cut. It’s not too tight and also not super loose. For me it is just the perfect basic t-shirt. Paired with denim shorts I was ready for my mission super-tanning.




Went for these cute glittery and clear beach sandals instead of flipflops. What do you think? Is it okay
to use them as everyday wear?

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