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Yep. That’s right. Other than my instagram account, my blog was filled with content two weeks ago the last time. And I’m not gonna lie to you. It felt amazing. I’m back from paradise. I’m back from my break and this time my vacation was actually a real vacation – well, almost.


I started 2017 without any New Years resolution but there was one thing that was really important to me for my upcoming vacation. I really didn’t want my vacation to become another job. I didn’t want the wonderful places I visited to become another location. As you can see on the pics this was the hardest part because wonderful content could have been created during my stay in the Philippines. Still, I knew that I have to keep content coming somehow. So before my take off I decided to not bring my camera with me. Only my phone. I am not gonna lie. There were moments where I really did regret my decision. But there was only one thought: 14 days out of 365. It can’t be that hard to enjoy a vacation without thinking about if you have enough pictures for one freakin’ blogpost.


So the only gadget I had with me to create a bit of content on this trip was my phone. Believe it or not. I was surprised when my phone ran out of battery and i didn’t care at all. Normally I charge my phone at least one time on a day. It was so relaxing and relieving to not think or panic about my phone dying. So my phone ran out of battery but mine was fully charged again. Further the internet connection on the island I’ve been sucked bigtime. At first it really made me nervous and I wanted to throw my phone against the wall. But all in all this digital detox thing is really something I enjoyed. I’m not saying that I could do this forever but as I said. 14/365 days. It’s nothing.

Still, I was able to take some pictures. And as I still enjoy sharing wonderful moments and experiences with you, I am happy to tell you that I managed to create content for an upcoming vacation post in paradise for y’all. Even without bringing my camera and stressing out to much. So stay tuned.

Now back to reality. Work and exams are waiting for me already. I’ve missed you guys. Even if I was in paradise I’m still happy to be back! More about my trips to the most wonderful islands soon! xx

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