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One day on vacation and I am working on the first outfit post from far away. I’m now sitting on the balcony and the struggle is real putting this babydoll dress outfit online. The internet connection here sucks and I’m kinda irritated by the people singing I’ll be missing you on the karaoke machine. Still, I couldn’t help but still wanted to finish this post. Because guess what. I’m that kind of person. I like to work when I travel. And even if I am taking a break from everything, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m taking a break from what I do or actually love to do.


After a delayed flight (I swear I’ve never experienced a flight that was on time), I finally arrived here in Las Palmas and enjoyed all I needed on my first day. Waking up early in the morning isn’t that bad anymore when you wake up to a great view by the ocean and palm trees everywhere around you. The only thing on my actual to-do-list is power-tanning. Even if this vacation was badly needed, I actually felt a little bad after lunch doing nothing. So it was time to get my ass out of the sunbed and get ready for a little walk. For some people vacation means going out with no make-up and put their hair up in a messy bun and go out with jogging pants. I had this talk with a friend lately. I personally think about cute outfits and getting ready, when I am talking about vacation. I actually never wore this babydoll dress because I felt a little uncomfortable with it’s length strolling around the city. For vacation it is the perfect fit for me. I can wear it to the beach, for a walk through the city or along the bay or use it as a dinner outfit in the evening. I can combine the babydoll dress with sneakers (if I would own a pair ;P), heels or sandals. I feel like it is the perfect dress for vacation because wearing this dress you will be never over or underdressed. Well, I gotta get ready for drinks now. The people downstairs seem to have fun and I just decided to join them. Have a great week everyone!

babydoll-dress-7babydoll-dress-8_combabydoll-dress-1  babydoll-dress-4

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