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Hey there ! If you follow me on instagram you might have been a victim of my shoe-spams lately.

Sorry – not sorry ! I’m still hyped about my new bargain … On sunday we finally were able to enjoy the sunny weather in Vienna again as the sun was playing hide and seek with us for the past weeks now. So this was the perfect opportunity to take some good shots with my new balenciagas. Yap. I’m head over heels in love with them. It was really hard for me to pick the right pictures this time since Katja did a great job again.



I paired my faux leather skirt with a simple white tee to keep it casual – otherwise I’d feel a liiiittle overdressed by wearing ’em heels in combination with a more outstanding top. I thought I’d have to  wait another one or two months to wear this lovely maxi trench coat but this is like the only advantage of this autumn-like weather we have.




And of course … if you know me … you also know that I’d never wear a basic tee without a little bling. And nooooooooow let’s talk about my new baby balenciagas ! I am truly blessed by having friends who know how difficult it is for me to find heels because of my size sending me pictures of beautiful balenciagas that are on sale! Thaaanks again 🙂 They are beautiful and super comfy !




All in all it was a beautiful and relaxing sunday. Just letting you know guys… Kat and I weren’t the only people enjoying this outfit shooting. Another fashion victim joined teamOFS on that day and I will introduce you to this person in my next post So stay tuned – there’s more to come <3


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